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BASS Elite Series #8 - Cayuga Lake, NY
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Posted: November 10, 2014
The week off that Elite Series anglers had between Delaware River, PA. & Cayuga Lake, NY was typically spent fishing somewhere in the Northeast. For me it was 1000 Islands… one of my favorite bass fishing waters in all the United States. As I mentioned in my previous blog I was able to take a sponsor of mine, Dixie Electric, fishing for a few days at 1000 Islands and boy did we have a blast! Big brown smallies were had by all and it was a pleasure to be able to share the great fishing of the Northeast with some good West Texas friends. Going into my last Elite Series event of the ...... Read More

Bass Elite Series #7 - Delaware River, Philadelphia, PA
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Posted: September 25, 2014
Well we had a long break in the Elite Series AOY (Angler of the Year) events since my debacle at Lake Dardanelle. In the meantime I had a BASS Open event at Lake Douglas, TN in late May where I cashed a check to regain some momentum. In early June I participated in BassFest at Lake Chickamauga, TN which was a mediocre performance as I finished in the middle of the field. And most recently I attended a BASS Open at Lake Champlain where I just missed cashing a check. With two Elite AOY events remaining at the Delaware River and Lake Cayuga I am sitting in 85th place. Mathematically I am still ali...... Read More

BASS Elite Series #5 - Lake Dardanelle, AR
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Posted: August 21, 2014
Just after I finished up the event on Toledo and prior to the start of the next BASS Elite Series #5 at Lake Dardanelle, AR, I drove to Lake Chickamauga in Dayton, TN. I was able to spend a few days on the lake scouting for BassFest that was to take place in June. I had a busy week thoug,h catching up on emails and also taping another episode of Bass Edge Radio (, a bi-monthly podcast on iTunes that I co-host. I was ready for some certain shallow water fishing coming up at Dardanelle and of course looking to get back on track after a disappointing week at Toledo (read previous blog...... Read More

BASS Elite Series #4 - Toldeo Bend, LA
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Posted: July 23, 2014
Concluding the Table Rock event I stopped by Lake Dardanelle to look the place over. We were going there for stop #5 on the Elite Series. It’s funny, often we don’t fish much during some pre-practice periods when we visit a lake we’ve never been too. I drove the whole lake in about 2 days and then did a little fishing on day 3. It reminded me a lot of where I grew up in Northern Virginia on the Potomac River. The Potomac is a shallow water fishery and Dardanelle is just the same. Arriving home to Del Rio later that week I was on Lake Amistad guiding almost every day until I wa...... Read More

BASS Elite Series #3 - Table Rock Lake, MO
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Posted: June 10, 2014
I spent the week off between St. Johns River and Table Rock at a great friend’s house on Toledo Bend. I was able to do a little practicing and get some things in the office accomplished and most importantly, relax and have a great time with friends. The bass at Toledo were just coming to the beds strong and I figured the fish at Table Rock were going to be in pre-spawn pattern. The cold weather conditions most of the country was experiencing were hanging on into these early spring months. I was excited to fish a highland reservoir that has some similarities to my home Lake Amistad. Table...... Read More

BASS Elite Series #2 - St. Johns River, FL
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Posted: May 12, 2014
Off to a great start… I enter the third event of 2014 cashing 2 checks in the first 2 events! It had been 10 years since I fished the St. Johns River in Forida. and I was going to keep to my game plan of fishing a smaller specific area of a tournament venue to keep my practice simple. I was ready to make it 3 checks in a row! It is worth noting that Florida fishing in the spring time has been a major nemesis of mine throughout my entire career. I have cashed a few checks and had good events in Florida during the fall season… but this year I was determined to do the same in the spr...... Read More

BASS Elite Series #1 - Lake Seminole, Bainbridge GA
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Posted: April 28, 2014

The second tournament of my season, but first Elite Event, has a lot of meaning for me as this is the lake I fished my first ‘big’ event on, a BFL Regional back in 1999. It had been since then that I had visited Lake Seminole, but honestly not a whole lot had changed. I feel at home fishing grass lakes since I grew up fishing grass on the Potomac River and grass is typically present at Lake Amistad where I guide. I was pumped to get the Elite season underway!

March 13-16, Lake Seminole, Bainbridge, GA – BASS Elite Series #1

Kurt Dove fishing the grass... Read More

Here We Go!
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Posted: February 25, 2014
Here We Go! The 2014 Tourney Season is underway and my blogs begin. I hope you enjoy reading them throughout the season and I thank you all for your support
I will be fishing 13 major events in 2014 - (9) BASS Elite Series, (3) BASS Northern Opens, and (1) BASS Central Open. I am also fishing 2 Major League Fishing Television events that will air on the Outdoor Channel in Q1 and Q2 of 2015.

Feb. 6 - Feb. 8, Lake Amistad - B.A.S.S. Central Open #1

These last several years I have avoided fishing bigger tournaments on my home water of Lake Amistad due to the demand of my guide service ami...... Read More

New Years Resolutions
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Posted: December 26, 2013
Once again the calendar turns to January and we enter a New Year… 2014 is now upon us.
As I was enjoying the Holiday season I realized I need to make a change for 2014… Yep, that’s right a resolution for the New Year. I am hoping it will make for some improved performance in 2014 and ultimately make my year even more fun and rewarding. It’s a pretty simple resolution but generally very hard to keep… well, I guess most resolutions are.

My 2014 resolution is “Do my own thing”. I need to fight my own battles in 2014. Dock Talk is very addicting ...... Read More

BASS Northern Open #3 - Lake Erie, Sandusky OH
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Posted: October 07, 2013
A week or so off between the Lake St. Clair Elite event and my last tourney of the year at the Lake Erie Bassmaster Northern Open was a good thing. My wife and I again spent that week in Pittsburgh at my in-laws… almost as good as home in TX or VA. I was able to get some things accomplished on the business side of the industry and regroup. I did have some sense of good mojo going into this event as I finished my last day at St. Clair on a high note.I was ready to get back after those brown monsters!
Sept. 12 - Sept. 15, BASS Northern Open #3 - Lake Erie, Sandusky OH
BoatUS ANGLER Pro Staff member Kurt Dove fishing Lake Erie... Read More