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Say No To 3 In A Boat!

By SChaconas - Published June 09, 2014 - Viewed 7132 times

A lot of people ask a lot of questions about my guide service when they are booking a trip. They want to know what kind of boat I have, what we will be using and how the fishing has been. Parents wanting to expose their kids to the outdoors inquire about my willingness to take kids on my boat.

Of course I love taking kids out. In one day I can teach them skills that will put them light years ahead of other kids in the sport! I focus on teaching while building self-esteem, enabling them to learn the basic skills to achieve success. It is here that kids, if not already, become hooked on fishing! But, occasionally I get a parent who wants to bring two kids with them. Bass boats simply do not have safe seating for more than three people...the guide and two others. But, some parents really try to force the issue, and have total disregard for the safety and comfort of their children!

Aside from having nowhere to sit while the boat is in motion, having two kids on my boat is a challenge! When I have a kid on my boat, I give them 100% of my attention. Partly to insure they learn a lot and have every chance for success, but mostly for safety! I always have the kid up front with me so I can give him or her my undivided attention and to be close to help and to rescue if need be! The other guides I associate with feel the same way. We have discussed the three passenger issue and concluded it would be dangerous to have three people on deck casting with sharp hooks. That alone should be a deterrent!
But even after explaining all of this to some parents...some even year after year, they insist they've done this before with other guides and have had no problems. Who on earth would want to risk the safety and enjoyment of their own children?
What gets me is they become angry with me and argumentative! I am a US Coast Guard Charter Boat Captain. I am licensed by Maryland and the Potomac River Fisheries Commission. I take Red Cross First Aid and CPR every year! I am in a random drug-testing program and have a TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Card issued by TSA) card. I carry the best PFDs on the market, Mustang HIT auto inflatables! I am willing and able to save a life. I've done it before and will do it again.

Father and son fishing on the Potomac River
Father and son outings create lasting memories

While fishing guides provide recreational entertainment, we are in the safety business first! Parents please don’t place your convenience over the safety of your children. Just because a lessor licensed or inadequately trained part time "guide" will give in to your reckless demands, don't take the chance by putting your child's safety in the hands of anyone who would compromise safety. Take one kid at a time, building a relationship one trip at a time, safely!

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