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Guide Guests

By KStricker - Published March 21, 2014 - Viewed 1880 times

Over the coarse of the past seven seasons, we've had the opportunity to wet a line and explore a wide variety of waters across the country. On occasion, in an effort to locate fish more quickly, we've relied on the local knowledge and expertise of a professional fishing guide, and in some cases invited a select few to join us as a guest on the program. Now in my opinion, and I think many of you will agree, the job of a fishing guide is without doubt one of the most demanding vocations in the outdoors.

Heck, the outright pressure of producing results on a daily basis alone is a challenging task and with all practicality unachievable. The office in which a fishing guide performs his or her duties may be filled with scenic splendor, but in reality this workstation is every bit as much unpredictable as it is wearisome. Although every charter captain may share the same ultimate goal for their often demanding clients, each may have their own special niche for achieving the task. For guide personalities as well as talents are as varied as the multitude of personalities and talents they are forced to deal with on a daily basis.

Deep Blue Coffee

For instance, Captain Ben Wolfe, a genuinely hospitable entrepreneur and founder of Sport Fish Michigan, offers a diverse selection of northern Michigan species as well as a variety of techniques in which to catch them. But as an added touch, Ben begins the morning by serving his guests a hot cup of his own special blend of Deep Blue Coffee, undoubtedly a distinctive detail for entertaining his multitude of happy clients.

Some of the bass fishing guides we've worked with in the past have had several years of bass tournament experience at a national level. Tom Mann Jr for an example, this nine-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier and renowned Lake Lanier big spotted bass expert, now focuses most of his attention on guiding memorable largemouth trips on Florida's Lake Okeechobee.

Photo of fishing guide Rigne Brown

Rogne Brown, the Tennessee River guide who concentrates his tournament endeavors locally, has been repetitively breaking bass tournament records on Lake Chickamauga with 40 pound-plus five fish limits. Truly a feat rarely heard of and I assure you, Rogne is the go-to man in the Chattanooga area.

Marcel Veenstra. This seasoned tournament angler specializes in smallmouth fishing on Michigan's Lake St. Clair, as well as inland waters across the state. You too would enjoy an outing with Marcel - an affable and courteous gentleman with a host of repeat clients.

Another Great Lake's smallmouth fanatic we've had the pleasure to work with is Dean Meckes. Dean directs his charters around the scenic 1000 Islands region of upstate New York. If you haven't had the opportunity to fish this area of the country, we recommend you treat yourself and Dean is your man!

Last but not least, guiding for trophy spotted bass and stripers is our good friend Louie Bartenfield. No one knows Carter's Lake in northern Georgia better than "LB" and his good-natured personality will compliment your day on the water.

Photo of TowBoatUS operators

As I was in the midst of writing this article, it suddenly came to my attention that there was one notable aspect each of these guiding professionals had in common beyond being a successful fishing guide, and that's the fact that they are all BoatUS ANGLER members as well - each relying on the largest towing fleet service with 24/7 towing dispatch for when the unexpected happens on the water or on the road.

In addition, BoatUS ANGLER has developed a commercial insurance policy designed specifically for the needs of these professional charter captains and guides. So if by chance you yourself guide professionally - especially on water with "Hook n' Look" clarity - please let us hear from you, and may I also suggest you look into an affordable insurance policy with BoatUS ANGLER.

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