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Tags for March Coming in Like a Lion!

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March Coming in Like a Lion!

By SChaconas - Published March 04, 2014 - Viewed 6635 times

Nasty weather again this week. For a guide, it just means more time to get ready. I think I am now more than ready! I drove to Chesdin Marine in Petersburg last week, while we had a break in the icy weather, to pick up my new Skeeter bass boat for this season. It was ready to roll! Almost that is!

After getting a new boat for every season for the past 18 years, there are a few things I insist on doing myself. I rely on my batteries more than most, especially my deep cycle trolling motor batteries. After several seasons of having to replace failed batteries mid season, I looked into newer bass boat battery technology, Absorbed Glass Mats, a sealed gel style battery. I found DEKA AGM batteries. No more problems as these batteries hold a charge better, charge faster, and don't degrade after multiple charging sessions. I like to mount my own batteries and route the wires to the charger and the trolling motor in an organized and neat manner.

Bass Boat Battery Wiring

I also prefer to install my own Power Pole shallow water anchors. My buddy Art Edsall and I have it down to a science. Wires and hoses can be confusing, so I try to organize and tighten up everything in case I need to make repairs down the line. The more I know, the less I need to depend on getting service in the middle of my season and when all the shops are busy!


A few more minor adjustments, like shortening the trolling motor plug wires, and I am more than ready for the season to start. The Potomac River grasses are emerging and fish are moving into it. I look forward to using lipless crankbaits and Carolina rigs, once the weather permits!

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