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New Years Resolutions

By KDove - Published December 26, 2013 - Viewed 3684 times

Once again the calendar turns to January and we enter a New Year… 2014 is now upon us.

As I was enjoying the Holiday season I realized I need to make a change for 2014… Yep, that’s right a resolution for the New Year. I am hoping it will make for some improved performance in 2014 and ultimately make my year even more fun and rewarding.   It’s a pretty simple resolution but generally very hard to keep… well, I guess most resolutions are. 
My 2014 resolution is “Do my own thing”. I need to fight my own battles in 2014. Dock Talk is very addicting in the sport of professional bass fishing and many of us get caught up with it way too much. I have had lots of success the last 3 years fishing the BASS Opens and predominantly by “doing my own thing”. I guess I had lost a little confidence in myself when stepping up to the Elite Series in 2013 and felt I needed additional help from others. I am not so sure it wasn’t hurting me more than helping. We will see what happens in 2014… as I work hard to keep my resolution, “Do my own thing”!
Here are a couple ideas for New Year’s Resolutions that might help your fishing in 2014.
- Learn to use a baitcast reel; It will make your casts more accurate when target fishing. It will also allow you to make more casts throughout the day enabling opportunities to catch more fish. Using a bait caster will provide you with more fishing techniques in your arsenal and should give you the opportunity to use heavier line than a spinning reel.
- Learn to tie a new knot; my first suggestion would be a Palomar knot. This knot can be used in nearly all situations when tying a lure to the end of your line. I also suggest learning the Double Uni knot. This knot is best for connecting fluorocarbon to braided line which has become very popular for spinning reel applications. A third knot you may want to learn is a Loop knot. This can assist with providing lures with more action during their retrieve… maybe just the right action to entice the big ones!
- Make a commitment to ‘Be Prepared’; be aware of current fishing conditions before you hit the lake in 2014. Be sure to formulate a plan to attack those conditions. Most importantly be sure to execute the plan using your instincts. Way too often we are caught going through the motions and then drive home wondering why we didn’t catch more fish.
Make a fishing resolution in 2014 and become a better angler for it!
Stay tuned to my BoatUS ANGLER tournament trail blog this year starting in Feb. at the following link…
Should be fun!
Tight Lines,
Kurt Dove

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