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Take A Friend Fishing

By SChaconas - Published November 06, 2013 - Viewed 2263 times

It was an interesting week. While it was slow, things did pick up, but you had to be versatile. Fish were in suspected areas, but you had to work for them. While some soft plastics like tubes and stick worms landed a few fish, the lipless crankbaits were the winners. Size did matter, not to match a bait size, but for ease of snapping out of thick grass. The lighter smaller Lucky Craft LV 100 was perfect. Long casts and holding rods high to keep the bait from going too deep allowed the bait to just barely snag the grass and be snapped free with a controlled fall on semi slack line. Fluorocarbon line enabled sharp strike provoking snaps.

One of my regular clients, who usually fishes with me alone, brought a buddy! This is fun, but different. When there's only one guest on my boat, I can provide 100% of my attention. With 2 guests, the person on the front of my boat gets about 70% of my attention. In this case, my regular client was on the back of the boat and was content to share this trip with his friend. We had a great time.

I tried to bring the guest up to speed, as my regular knew the ropes as we fish a lot together. Everything from the terrain, to the lure selection, to how to vary retrieves...it was new for him. It didn't take long to start catching a few fish and enjoying the conversation and company. The guys had a blast. They had been talking about this trip for a while. It was their first fishing trip together. I don't think it will be their last. They spoke often about getting together again soon.

Allan and Bruce with a nice catch while fishing with Capt. Steve Chaconas

It was nice to be the middleman in forging a fishing friendship. By breaking the angling ice, these guys found a level playing field. Whether fishing with me or in their own boats, these guys have now found an additional level to their friendship.

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Until next time, see you on the water.

WEAR a PFD! I’m gone fishing.

Capt. Steve Chaconas


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