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Jordan Lee Soared on Silver Wings

By MZona - Published October 23, 2013 - Viewed 2379 times

I attended a local college, and spent even more time hanging-out at universities – if you know what I mean. But I’m pretty certain that if college bass fishing would have existed back then, I’d have hung around campus a little longer with a much greater purpose in mind.

Speaking of college bass fishing – one of the more incredible moments in our sport’s history occurred last month in Muskegon at the Carhartt College Classic Bracket tournament.

Remarkably – again like last year – Jordan Lee surfaced to the championship round among more than 600 students from 143 different colleges and universities that participated in the Carhartt Bassmaster College Series this season.

And that’s only half the story. Those of you who follow the sport closely know the other half of the story began more than a year ago in the final round down in Little Rock when he lost to his own brother Matt.

In turn, Matt earned the right to fish in the 2013 Bassmaster Classic, and frankly, as much as Jordan loves Matt, it wasn’t hard to recognize Jordan’s deflated soul. Then came the goosebump part of the story for me – Jordan looked at me and said, “I’ll get there, Z. I’ll get there.” Deflated as he was last year, he somehow still believed he’d make it this year. And he did!

Jordan Lee at the Carhartt College Classic Bracket tournament

I’m not sure how you define that. Drive? Determination? I’m not sure there are words to define competitive fire, self-confidence, and emotion like that.

I’ve had moments like that with Chris Lane when he told me he was going to win the Classic. And did. Then Brandon Palaniuk tells me after a heartbreaking week in Lacrosse that he was going to go win the next Elite. And he did.

I put Jordan Lee’s story in that very same category as Classic and Elite Series victory predictions. Statistically, the odds against Jordan were even greater. And I’m so glad I got to witness it.

I feel very privileged that I’ve shared moments with guys like Lane, Palaniuk and Lee. Those man-to-man, never-forget-what-he-said moments that became realities to forever define the greatest achievements of our sport.

Mark Zona and Jordan Lee bass fishing

I just wish that college bass fishing, and security blankets like a membership to BoatUS ANGLER would have been around in the early 90's. Instead of just hanging out on college campuses, I may have been more like Iron Maiden and soared through the mountains of the moon on sliver wings.

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