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Fishing In English

By SChaconas - Published October 16, 2013 - Viewed 1967 times

The weather was all over the place this week. Lots of wind and rain. Monday's trip was postponed due to rain, wind, and lightning! But I was able to get a few trips in. Topwater bite was pretty good with Lucky Craft poppers, but the Mann's Baby 1-Minus shallow diving crankbaits in fire tiger produced the most fish. Grass is starting to break up, starting with hydrilla. The mats are breaking free, as the plants are the first to die off, leaving some scattered growth below. The small crankbaits were fairly easy to work over this grass and the bass and yellow perch seemed to enjoy eating it! Same thing was true on our Wednesday trip as we chose a different location, as the winds were around 15-20 out of the north.

With my Thursday and Friday trips cancelled, my friend Art Edsall called and we went out in the rain on Friday. This gave me time to evaluate 10 new lures. Every year Field & Stream Magazine sends them to me to evaluate for one of their spring articles. I had fun figuring out these lures and taking mental notes

But my early week trip with Christopher and Alice was the most interesting. They were visiting from England! I was able to "interview" them about life, history, and politics in their country. They like the Queen! She is England's Version of Disneyland. They feel the tourism associated with the Royal family generates enough revenue to pay for the upkeep. We discussed a lot, including food and why they put vinegar on everything and that tea should be served with milk, and that rap music is popular there too. By the end of the day they learned a bit from me about America. “Y'all” could mean you yourself, or you a group. Not sure that helped, but it sure sounded funny hearing them say, "See you later, y'all."

Capt Steve Chaconas takes Alice and Chris from England on a Potomac River fishing trip

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Until next time,
see you on the water.

I’m gone fishing.

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