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Guides Dont Always Know Best

By SChaconas - Published October 09, 2013 - Viewed 1923 times

Last week was the best in over a month! The hollow frog bite was awesome, producing fish in the 3 pound range up to 6 1/2 pounds! The key was to find hydrilla beds with slop over the top. This could contain chopped up grass and a thick scum. A very slow presentation was the key. A twitch, pause, twitch, pause produced viscious strikes. Equipment was 50 pound GAMMA Torque braid and a 7'6" Quantum Frog rod! Strong hooksets as soon as the fish hit were required to get fish hooked and up and out of the thick grass.

I fished with Arvid, one of my favorite clients, last Friday. I caught a 2 ½ pound bass on my first cast with a chatterbait. Another small one, then we slipped into a creek arm to get two more on a Texas rigged tube. Pulling back out into the main creek, Arvid suggested a hollow frog. I thought for a split second, surveying the conditions and set up rigs for the two of us. While I thought a white frog would be the best choice, I started with black as that's what was tied on. Arvid got a strike and lost it in the grass. Not many more bites for the next half hour. We switched to white frogs and the action immediately picked up with one over 6 pounds. After that, it was a regular hit parade of 3 pounders busting up through the grass to devour the frogs.

Potomac River Guide Steve Chaconas' customer Arvid with a nice bass

Taking suggestions from clients has worked before, but when one of my regulars who knows my every move actually gets one step ahead of me, I am impressed. It shows me that he is thinking. It also shows me that sometimes I can get into a rut and not fish the moment with my eyes open. In this situation I was planning on using a crankbait and never once considered the frog. For the rest of the day I joked with Arvid and took credit for the great decision to go the frog.

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Until next time,
see you on the water.

I’m gone fishing.

Capt. Steve Chaconas,


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