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Tags for When the Going Gets Tough, Kids Get Tougher

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When the Going Gets Tough, Kids Get Tougher

By SChaconas - Published October 01, 2013 - Viewed 1891 times

Fishing is still tough, but an early morning low tide gave up several topwater fish on the Lucky Craft poppers Iike the G-Splash. As the tide came in, fishing got a bit tougher, but a switch to areas with hydrilla up against marsh banks yielded a few more fish on crank baits like the Mann's Baby X. Use Copoly 12-pound test for the topwaters and 12-pound test GAMMA Edge fluorocarbon for the crankbaits during the sunniest part of the day, high water under docks produced fish by skipping weightless stick worms under shaded areas.

This week was a fun week. High skill levels for the conditions were required, and my clients stepped it up a notch. But, it was the kids who impressed! Whoever said that kids don't have much of an attention span or that they need to catch a lot of fish to stay interested never fished with the kids I fished with this week! These kids soaked up every detail. They asked a ton of questions and worked hard on every cast to try to catch fish. I provide encouragement along the way, but also impress upon them that fishing is a never-ending learning process. In fact you can often learn more when fishing is tough as long as you are willing to make adjustments for a reason, and not just go through a tackle rotation. We call that "fishing the moment".

To each kid’s credit they always thank me for the day on the water and for all they learned. I have an honest end of the day chat with them to praise them for their focus and persistence. More often than not these kids are better fishing companions than some adults. Hearing a grown man whine about just about everything and then fishing with these kids provided contrast. Fishing brings out the kid in all of us, but the kids bring out the true passion for the sport!

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Until next time,
see you on the water.


I'm gone fishing.

Capt. Steve Chaconas

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