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Snakehead Safari

By SChaconas - Published September 17, 2013 - Viewed 1902 times

Another hot week with water in the mid 80s again! Fishing was tough again. Fish were buried up in thick hydrilla grass. While fish werecaught on poppers, Mann's Baby 1-Minus, drop shot, tubes andspinnerbaits, the best pattern was punching grass mats at high tide in the sunniest part of the day. We use 1-ounce tungsten weights with 60 pound braid and 7'6" rods! Fish live under mats and are hard to locate,but it’s a blast to fight them once hooked!

I spent two days fishing for snakeheads. Trying to catch these toothy critters is unreliable to say the least. The best way to target them isto fish areas where there is slow moving water and lots of grass cover.This means Little Hunting Creek. I've been fishing this creek since 1968! It's a decent bass creek and it has a good population of Snakeheads.The key areas are a pair of canals. The water isn't moving and it is full of overhead cover, grass and docks.

Since snakeheads must come to the surface to breathe, I use floating Hollow frogs. Black seems to show up best in stained water. 60-pound GAMMA Torque braid and a long stiff casting rod! Long casts are important too as these fish see everything when they come up to gulp air!  When they strike, a solid hookset is needed.

John Odenkirk, Virginia Game & Inland Fisheries biologist

I fish a few times a year with John Odenkirk, biologist with Virginia Game and Inland Fisheries. John joined me on Wednesday. By now, we know where they are. It's just a matter of getting them to bite! We got one bite, John set the hook, had a nice snakehead on, but it came off. A few minutes later it bit again, but missed the bait. That was it for our outing. We had fun as always and a number of bass kept us occupied! 

We are not sure why, but it’s tougher to catch these fish this year as compared to the previous 3 or 4 years. Unfortunately, we struck out on my second trip as well! My experience has been some weeks they bite everywhere and on anything...others? Well there's always next time!

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Until next time, see you on the water.
I’m gone fishing.

Capt. Steve Chaconas

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