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Pre-fishing for Guide Trips

By SChaconas - Published September 04, 2013 - Viewed 1998 times

Again, another tough week of fishing, but no shutouts! We were able to get a few fish daily by having a thought-out game plan based on the tides and weather. Adjustments were made during the day. We caught fish on poppers, Mann's Baby 1-Minus, chatterbaits, stickworms and drop shot.

I try to work in one free day a week during August so I can catch up on writing my columns and to take a break from the heat. I also use it to book last minute trips. Last week, I found time to fish with my friend, Art Edsall. He understands it's not a guide trip and he's there to help me visit a lot of spots to try to pattern different techniques that will help my upcoming clients catch fish. After we did that, I took Art to a deeper mid-river shipwreck that not many guys know about. Using GPS, we stayed on the wreck and caught some nice fish. Art was very helpful in identifying successful patterns, but also in evaluating some spots and techniques and eliminating some areas a well.

Art Edsall

Fishing with experienced partners like Art also provide me with a break from guiding to just get out and fish, to reenergize and be fresh for my  upcoming guide trips.

Take a look at my latest BoatUS DIY column…a knotless leader to join fluorocarbon line to braid:

Until next time,
see you on the water.

I'm gone fishing.

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