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Measuring Fishing Success

By SChaconas - Published August 27, 2013 - Viewed 1591 times

Fishing was especially challenging last week. Water temperatures on the Potomac remained in the low 80s and hydrilla continued to grow! The thick hydrilla is making fishing tough. Fish swam under a grass blanket and didn't come out to eat our lures. A few fish were caught early in the morning on poppers, chatterbaits, and Mann's Baby 1-Minus crank baits. After the sun came out, weightless stick worms and drop shots produced a few bites.

This was father and son week! The kids were great and displayed an abundance of patience in spite of the tough conditions. One kid really stood out as I have fished with him for 5 years. Aron Tinter is 13 and fishes a good bit! He is very perceptive when analyzing conditions and applying techniques. We saw a few snakeheads under a dock and tried for an hour to get the fish to bite with no luck. He had asked about  throwing hollow frogs. He had used them before but could not hook up. We took a break and had an in-depth discussion of the bait, the proper tackle and hook setting!

Later in the day, we saw a fish coming up through a small seam in the hydrilla. We reviewed the proper hook set and about 20 casts later, a big snakehead blew up on the frog. Aron set the hook like a pro and wrestled the fish to the boat! We netted it, took a few photos and Aron took the delicious fish home to eat. His dad and I were impressed with his execution! I look forward to fishing with this fine young man again! While the fish made his day, his excitement energized me at the end of a hot week of tough fishing!

Aron Tinter with his snakehead catch

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Until next time,
See you on the water.
I'm gone fishing.

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