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Ladies First

By SChaconas - Published August 14, 2013 - Viewed 1537 times

This week fishing on the Potomac River got even tougher as the hydrilla is choking off fishing spots, while providing a safe haven for bass to traverse under grass mats, blocking bass from seeing or finding lures run over their heads. Even a technique called "punching" would not be practical as hydrilla beds cover several acres and create an expansive cavern offering shade, clear water, and plenty of food! For punching to be effective, locate hard edges close to deeper water. Choose smaller grass beds.

That said, early morning bite was the best place to focus. A mix of popping surface lures, chatterbaits, and Mann's Baby 1-Minus cranks produced a few fish as the tide came in to start the day. With the highest tides a few more fish were caught on Texas rigged weightless worms skipped under shaded docks. Until the tide dropped, fishing was very difficult. Drop shots worked on hard hydrilla edges as the tide was nearly low.

But it was an interesting week. It was ladies week!...Mother and daughter, father and daughter, father and daughter-in law and my friend Teresa Rodriguez. 

Teresa Rodriquez fishing on the Potomac

Teresa and I have done a lot of fishing together. We met when she was Executive Director of the Future Fisherman Foundation. She's starting a new position with DC Fisheries. Good luck "T"!

I fished with five ladies this week, aged 14 and up! It was refreshing to fish with themas they never complained about the tough fishing conditions and were eager to learn, improve and just enjoy a day on the water. I enjoyed their fish stories and their pure enjoyment of fishing the moment. Thanks ladies!

Take a look at my latest BoatUS ANGLER DIY column…a knotless leader to join fluorocarbon line to braid! http://www.boatus.com/angler/schaconas_DIY_knot_tying.asp!

Until next time, see you on the water.
I'm gone finishing

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