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Answering the Call

By MZona - Published June 14, 2013 - Viewed 2903 times

Family. Friends. Fishing. Football - in that order. I’m definitely a freak for NFL football. And that’s why I strategically try not to schedule anything in this crazy life of mine on Sundays between September and early February.

I also make it a point not to schedule anything during the Detroit Lions/Kevin VanDam Charity Fishing Tournament. Are you kidding me? That event is my Bassmaster Classic and Super Bowl rolled into one.
And here’s what’s more amazing, some of the best Bassmaster Elite Series pros show up when Kevin asks them to help make the event a success. Sure I’m a commentator, but I’m also a fan of professional angling too – so to know that these guys try to beat each other’s tails all season long, but then drive 14 – 20 hours to work together for a good cause is pretty awesome to witness.
I don’t get overwhelmed much – but to see guys like Davy Hite, Casey Ashley, Terry Scroggins, Marty Robinson, and the top Michigan regional anglers I’ve fished against since my mullet days, standing elbow to elbow a few miles from my home, with a smile on their face, and a heart for helping - is pretty overwhelming.
I tell my kids all the time, “be better today than you were yesterday.” And so it’s amazing to know that these guys give Kevin their word months in advance, and keep it. That’s integrity at a high level – because if there’s one thing these guys don’t have much of, it’s free time at home. Sacrificing free time to answer the call of a friend, that’s stronger than my buddy Willie Young – the Lion’s defensive end.
Speaking of somebody showing up in your time of need - it’s the peak season for fishing and boating. If you haven’t paid the very affordable annual dues for a BoatUS ANGLER membership – you’re not surrounding yourself with some of the best friends a bass fisherman can have.
Torch a trailer hub on the interstate, have a dead cranking battery on the water, flat tire, run out of gas – if you’re signed-up for BoatUS ANGLER – you can call them toll free – and like top anglers to a charity event – they’ll be there for you.
Signing up for BoatUS ANGLER and becoming eligible for their “Weigh-to Win” tournament cash bonuses is easy, visit www.BoatUSFishing.com, or just call Kendell at (918) 742-6424, she’ll get you signed up.

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