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Bring a Buddy

By SChaconas - Published June 07, 2013 - Viewed 2039 times

May is buddy month for my guide business. Experienced anglers know May is the best month to fish. The weather is great, no thunderstorms…and the fish are biting! The demographic of my business skews over 55 and male! Retired guys have decided fishing is their bag and many book guides across the country while most are finding great fishing right here in their back yard. Sure, there are a few who come to the area on business or to visit family, but most of my May clients are two guys, retired and ready to fish!

While demographically they are similar, my trips are very different. Some of the pairs are buddies from childhood; others are work mates or neighbors. I am the fly on the wall to hear them reminisce for 8 hours or to poke fun at each other. But mostly, they encourage each other trying to help the other figure out what to do to get the fish in the boat. Every catch is a team effort and the photos show it!

Longtime friends like Arvid and Jim fish all over the country together, but had never been able to coordinate a trip in Arvid's home water, the Potomac River. The trip was set, the weather nice and the fishing was great! They were able to enjoy a day on the water chatting about past and upcoming trips, favorite lures, and the big ones that got away.

In a twist, Dr. Mark brought his buddy, who happens to be his wife. Mark comes to visit his daughter and fishes with me, but this time he brought his bride to the water. It was great to hear them talk about their daughter and her college studies and their Veterinary businesses. According to Dr. Mark, cats are living longer  - up to 18 years! MEOW!

Walter and his longtime college buddy Bryan were a bit younger than the average 55+ demo. They were more competitive! Each fish came with a bit of ribbing. Lost fish resulted in an outright smackdown! Conversations turned to Virginia Tech sports and the stock market. Walter is a great financial advisor and has done a great job for me! We met through fishing. He worked a booth next to mine at Bassarama about 15 years ago! We chatted about investing and eventually he became my advisor! We all had a great time, great conversations. It wasn't only about the fishing; we were there just to have fun.

These trips remind me to take my friends fishing. While in fact these guys have become my fishing houseguests, popping into and out of my life on an annual, monthly or weekly basis. Hearing their stories, seeing their recreational relaxation, and taking a few photos for memories of the good times, I can't help but wonder if in their fishing travels they end up talking about their trips on the Potomac River with me!

Take a look at my latest BoatUS ANGLER DIY column on bringing a broken crankbait back to life, http://www.boatus.com/Angler/schaconas_20130423_lip_service.asp!

Until next time, see you on the water.

I'm gone fishing.

Capt. Steve Chaconas

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