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Louisiana Redfish

By tholeman - Published February 06, 2013 - Viewed 2507 times

Louisiana has been an annual fall destination for many years and was my home both before and after Katrina. 2012/13 fall/winter produced the most spectacular redfishing I have ever seen! It's safe to say redfish central is the marsh of the Mississippi River Delta! Due to the proximity of deep water to the flats and a variety of bottoms and endless structure (oil rigs) the redfish population is rock-n healthy! If you haven't been I sure hope it’s on your bucket list!

Louisiana Redfish

Huge schools of mature bull reds can be found throughout the upper gulf each fall. All eager to eat flies or plastics or spoons or popping cork rigs or even bare jigheads at times! Absolutely incredible!

Nice pair of redfish       

This season a couple factors lined up to create conditions that are still making the fishing awesome! Hurricane Issac was a late season storm. A lower cat storm but a storm with a huge wind field. This created a surge and wave battering the completely inundated the marsh with saltwater killing all the freshwater grass! Bad for ducks and all the little critters that live in the grass! Good for fish! In addition the Mississippi River was at its lowest level in recorded history. 150 miles of the river was closed from St. Louis south. Also a first, to the best of my knowledge. So, low river and no grass makes for über clean water and little fresh water pushing blue water out. Result -clean water, giant schools in almost every bay/pond chewing shrimp, poggies, crabs and mullet,offshore species in really close as the blue water pushed into the marsh. Lots of summer species mixed with fall species.

What does all this mean to the average angler? Easy fishing in clean water. As for baits.... Louisiana is fairly easy for lure selection. If you like it and its white, black, purple, pink, chartreuse or tan it's gonna catch fish. One color works better than another but it's easy to figure out. Everyone throws different colors until someone is clearly smoking the rest. I personally can't wait to get back to do some more inshore and offshore fishing and of course Duck hunting! 9 months to go! I'd like to thank Britten Eustus, Hunter Caballero (offshore capt!), Forshag Construction, and all our friends whom we hunt, fish, eat and make great memories with!

A topic that every New Orleans resident knows, but the vast majority of America does not know, is that marsh is shrinking! To this day I'm saddened to think back to what the marsh looked like in decades past. Nothing like what it is today. I've had to forget so much about marsh fishing because places I fished for years are gone. By gone I mean land that once was is now open water. Do yourself a favor and research the marsh! Be aware it is disappearing and I hope you put Louisiana on your to-do list soon as it will be gone in my lifetime. Yes it is, and it will continue to disappear unless major changes occur now! This is a case when the science is right and changes need to be made! My point was hopefully to motivate anglers to get to the marsh. Hopefully enough of us seeing the truth and the marshes beauty will motivate the powers that be to save it.

Enjoy the pics of my clients and make plans to hit Louisiana with keywestangling.com or one of our approved Louisiana guides!

Key West report to follow!

All my best,
Travis Holeman
FB Key West Angling
Phone: 305-906-0301

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