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Stuff Happens

By KStricker - Published December 19, 2012 - Viewed 2303 times

When taking into consideration the number of hours we spend on the water as professional anglers and the technological complexity of modern-day apparatus, odds are that...eventually...somewhere down the road...you're going to encounter a situation, some equipment malfunction where you'll appreciate some helpful assistance.  It's inevitable, and at this time I can now personally bear witness that it's truly a comfort knowing you're prepared when a breakdown occurs.

Last month, while shooting an episode of Hook n' Look on Georgia's scenic Lake Lanier the inevitable took place and for the first time in recent years I found myself in a position where I required some assistance on the water.

What makes this story ironically coincidental, is the simple fact that BoatUS ANGLER Brand Manager, Steve Levi just happened to be my guest and sitting in the passenger seat when this unfortunate occurrence transpired.  My son Danny kept the camera running as I made the call for assistance.  Quickly my request was dispatched to TowBoatUS Captain Robert Estrada who was stationed at near by Lanier Harbor Marina and was shortly en route.

What made this incidence even more unusual, all but comical, was the fact that it was only the previous day that I had interviewed Robert for a segment intended for this very episode, totally unaware that I would personally require his assistance the very next day.

As fishermen we all know that confidence on the water is crucial to peak angling success.  As a BoatUS ANGLER member, I have less to worry about and can focus clearly on the task at hand knowing I’m fully prepared.  Because face it...stuff happens.

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