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End of a Season!

By SChaconas - Published November 08, 2012 - Viewed 1815 times

It’s that time of the year again!  Time to close down for the season. I look back this year differently than in years past. Since purchasing and eventually learning how to use my iPhone, I have memorialized the season with photos of my clients. The buddies, married couples, fathers and sons, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, mothers and daughters, and trips with ladies, made for an interesting season.

It was also the first season for me with my Power Pole anchoring devices. Those fishing with me this year got to see them in action and hear me wonder many times how I ever guided without them!  Not just the ease of launching as was chronicled in BoatUS Trailering Magazine, but also stopping to fish, re tie, change baits and provide one-on-one instruction!  I also had my first year using rod sleeves I made for a BoatUS ANGLER Tacklebox DIY article. These sleeves kept rods from tangling, making rod changes easier. Also not a single rod was broken.

I also learned more about the river via use of Humminbird Side Imaging. I located three sunken boats in areas where I’ve fished for 20 years and never knew they were even in the vicinity! 

This season was odd in that the grass never really came up for the second year in a row. I was already content to fish hard cover and utilized shallow crankbaits a bit more. Whereas other grassy seasons I relied on Mann’s Baby 1-Minus, a one-foot diver, this year, I went deeper with Mann’s Baby-X, a lure that makes it to 4 feet deep. This was very effective along with lipless cranks early in the season to go a bit deeper and slower!

I also went back to my roots with soft plastics, making the most of Mizmo tubes with an insert head and splitshotting and dropshotting with my homemade centipede.

While I had been happy for decades with the same old Berkley XL fishing line I used as a kid, I gradually experimented with braid, fluorocarbon and a copolymer. I was so pleased with the longevity, castablity, and strength of braid, that I used it on all of my client rods. I added a leader of GAMMA Edge Fluorocarbon for split shots, drop shot and other soft plastic presentations. The braid allowed the average client to feel more and enabled them to more easily set the hook. The thinner diameter allowed for longer casts. The durability meant one less thing I had to do nearly daily…changing line!

Now it’s time to empty the Skeeter, organizing each compartment as I remove its contents. I'll also give it one last scrub down before turning the keys over to the new owner. Now I’ll prepare to renew all of my licenses, take my Red Cross training, schedule seminars and visits to schools and catch up on things around the house. I guess it’s too late to cut the lawn, so I’ll be cleaning out storage rooms and tackle boxes. Thank you everyone for making this a wonderful season!

Capt . Steve Chaconas
National Bass Guide Service


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