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Nothing the Matter with Kids Today!

By SChaconas - Published August 28, 2012 - Viewed 1724 times

July and August are not only hot, but also time for Dad to take their kids fishing! Sometimes the Dad is an avid angler and their offspring has been taught some of the basics. Other times the child has an interest and Dad wants to hire a pro to teach their kid. I really enjoy taking kids out and teaching them how to fish. Not all of the kids are well behaved and not all of the parents are helpful in difficult situations. But, that's part of the job.

I have had a blast with most of the kids this summer. When I asked one kid if his mother was a good cook, he said "No!"...in more descriptive wording. He said she only made Tofu! Well, I said, sometimes it's pretty good fried. He said she never fries anything. He said, "You know what else? She injects stuff into her lips!" Changing the subject and noticing an embarrassed mom, I talked about the river birds and how they catch fish. Interesting kid!

A few kids this summer really made me pause to take note. Such was the case this July when a young man from Texas got on my boat. There was something in the manner in which he stepped onto the deck of my Skeeter that made me think this kid has been here before. I asked him if he could use a bait-casting reel - something I seldom even offer to adults. He responded in the affirmative and checked out my new Quantum outfit and took a few slow casts and then began to wing the bait out at will. He immediately caught fish and was very flexible when it came to lure changes. I was having a blast. He was like one of my regular fishing buddies. But his prowess didn't end with fishing.

This young man was very respectful. "Yes Sir", "No Sir", "Thank you, Sir" - this kid respected me and my equipment. He didn't object to wearing a PFD all day and allowed me to land his fish, as I want to take that risk of getting hooked out of the equation for my clients. He was very helpful too when I needed a hand. Normally I wouldn't ask for assistance, but he seemed very comfortable with it.

I hooked a big Snakehead fish and asked him to get the net. It was in one of my rod boxes. He located the net, followed my instructions to deploy the Hibernet, and then, like a pro, he netted the 12-pound Snakehead!

What made this trip enjoyable for me was his enthusiasm for fishing; his willingness to try new things, but it was his overall demeanor that will make him a success no matter his course in life.

Fishing is a great sport. It can last a lifetime. With youngsters, it gives them an opportunity to follow a roadmap to success. It really can prepare them for life. Learning and trying new things, and showing respect for those around you.

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