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My Royal Clipper Cruise Experience - Windward Islands - Day 8

By Ed Holownia - Published November 19, 2007 - Viewed 4578 times

11/19/06 Barbados

We disembarked around 9am and took the shuttle from the ship over to the airport. 

The plan was for Beth and I to check our bags at the airport, then John & Krissy would pick us up and we would head out for a day of exploring. 

Unfortunately, we got to the airport by 9:30 or so and found out that the check in counters were closed until 1pm.  Frank’s wife, Mary Ellen still wasn’t feeling great, so she offered to stay at the airport and watch our bags while Beth, Frank, and I went out. 

We first stopped at Crane Beach and Frank decided to get out there, grab some lunch at the hotel there and then taxi back to the airport, again, he said when he got back, he wouldn’t mind watching our stuff as long as we wouldn’t be really late. I told him I would be back by 1:30 to check in for my 3:40 flight.  He said no problem. 

After Frank got out, John, Krissy, Beth and I headed up the coast with the intention of getting to Bathsheba. 

We stopped at Ragged Point to see a lighthouse that was there.  The lighthouse was up on a cliff and we had some fantastic views. 

While we were there Krissy spoke with someone who lived on Barbados and said it would take about an hour and a half to get to Bathsheba and that it wouldn’t be driving along the coast as we had anticipated, so we all decided to head back to Crane Beach.

Crane Beach was absolutely beautiful, the beach was pink sand and it was the clearest water I had seen.  I climbed out on a cliff and took a picture back towards the beach, it was amazing. 

Since my flight was at 3:40, I left the beach at 1pm and John drove me back to the airport, then he headed back to the beach since his & his wife Krissy’s, and Beth’s flight wasn’t until 5pm. 

I checked in at the airport and found out that my flight wasn’t back to National Airport, where I had parked my car, but was back into Dulles Airport.  I guess I should have checked my itinerary a little better before driving myself to the airport and leaving my car there.  Luckily I got a hold of a friend who picked me up at Dulles Airport and drove me to National Airport to get my car. 

So my thoughts about spending a lot of time by myself never materialized.  I didn’t watch any of the DVDs I brought and I think I read a total of 4 pages in one of my books.  There was always something to do, something to see, someone to talk to. 

I really think that half of what made the trip so great was the people I met on board, both the BoatUS members as well as the non-members.  Everyone was fantastic and was very welcoming. 

Toward the end of the trip, I realized that you could be as social as you wanted to be.  If you wanted time to yourself, you could have it and no one would bother you, but if you wanted to meet other people, the opportunity was definitely there. 

Since the ship was so small, compared to a cruise liner, you really got the opportunity to not only meet other guests but you were able to meet the crew as well. 

By the end of the week, I at least recognized most people on the ship and knew some of the crew by name, and they knew me by name. 

Overall the trip was fantastic.  I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to take this trip.  I would recommend the trip to anyone who asks.  Everything was top notch, from the food (which was delicious and you could eat as much as you wanted), to the places we went, right on up to the crew of the ship, who were very accommodating and very service oriented. 

What an experience and what a trip, one I will definitely take again whether it is for work again or whether it is my own vacation.  

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