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My Royal Clipper Cruise Experience - Windward Islands - Day 7

By Ed Holownia - Published November 18, 2006 - Viewed 1774 times

11/18/06 Martinique

When I woke up, we were already docked at a shipyard in Martinique.  I grabbed my backpack and headed into the city of Fort de France.  The walk was bout a 15 minute walk into the city, where I walked around just taking in the sights. 

I ran into my friend Frank walking around as well, his wife had stayed on board since she wasn’t feeling very well.  We spent the rest of the morning just walking all over the city and then headed back to the ship for lunch.  I wasn’t terribly impressed with Martinique; it seemed to me to be like any other big city, just with a Caribbean flare to it.  I would have rather gone to a beach for more snorkeling, windsurfing and water skiing.  

There were mixed feelings about this stop. Some people felt the same as I did and weren’t very impressed.  Others thought it was great to stop in at a city.  To each his own. 

Early that afternoon we set sail for Barbados. 

They had another trip up the mast, which I took advantage of, and then I laid down on deck for a nap.  I had one last dinner with a few members and some other friends who had all met on board. 

After dinner we went up to the bar and worked out some plans for the following day in Barbados.  The ship was due to get in by 6am and our flights weren’t until the later afternoon.

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