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Spring Swimbaits

By KDove - Published March 01, 2012 - Viewed 2101 times

Swimbaits are my go to 'Big Fish' baits in the springtime. Why swimbaits are so good in the spring?

1. It's formidable. It causes fear in bass and we all know the largemouth bass wants to be the ruler of its domain, so they attack it. When you toss out these good sized lures the bass feels challenged and wants to be sure that swimbait knows it's not welcome.

2. Protecting its bedding area. We have all seen bluegills and large fish be chased away from a bedding bass nest. Swimbaits that are worked slowly around bedding areas will generate bites from the largest females in the area. They want to be sure that other fish, your swimbait, don't interrupt the male as he guards the nest. You can bet she will strike out at this imposing force.

3. A good sized meal. This works to an angler's favor on the pre-spawn side and post-spawn side of spring feeding habits for bass. In the pre-spawn stage bigger fish move up from the deep and prepare to spawn. They are looking for big easy meals before going to the nest with males that have made beds in the shallow waters.

I also feel that this time of year big fish tend to be less skeptical because they are feeling the warmth of the waters and now have higher metabolism building and the urge to feed is much stronger then the past few winter months. In the post-spawn period as the bigger fish begin feeding again after a long and exhausting spawn cycle they are ready to eat anything in site. Big swimbaits are just the meal that can get them going on the right track as the feeding frenzy is on!

Try out some swimbaits this spring and reel in some giants on your home lake!

Kurt Dove

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