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Stay Shallow This Summer

By KDove - Published July 01, 2012 - Viewed 2138 times

Ok, this month's tip is coming from some recent success fishing at my home lake, Lake Amistad. The air temps have been in the 100's here for about a week. It seems that the summer heat waves are hitting a little earlier here in the south. I just got back from the BASS Northern Open on the James River and that was a tough event for me, I finished 46th of 145, but as usual I can get rid of any tournament disappointments really quick when I fish Amistad as soon as I return home. The fish catching you do on Amistad is amazing.

When I returned I figured the deep bite would be great around the many lake ledges and steep drops. After a few hours fishing deep I noticed no bait and very few fish. Then I went shallow and it was game on! I was catching good topwater fish in the middle of the day and finding a very exciting swimbait bite in 4 feet of water or less! So I had to get rid of all my preconceived notions and start hitting some shallow cover to form a pattern for some upcoming guide trips and my Youth Pro-Bass Camp. I was able to make the transitions pretty quickly to provide some great summer fishing action! When staying shallow this summer be sure to check out the Optimum swimbait new Opti Shad and Victory Tail as well as the 5" El Grande Lures Gila Monster. Those are the baits I have been having some great success with here on Lake Amistad. The typical thought is to go deep in summer, and yes that works too, but often times bucking the trend and fishing shallow can be very rewarding.

Kurt Dove

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