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Beat the heat

By SChaconas - Published July 17, 2012 - Viewed 1902 times

In the heat of summer on 100-degree days a lot of my friends ask, How do you do it? Pretty simple. I am conditioned for it and take a lot of precautions before I even leave the house.

II eat a smaller breakfast, starting with a glass of water. This helps me eat less and begins to prime the water supply Ill need for the day. ON the way to the ramp, a cup of coffeeits fluid too! Then it is no stop drinking water. Freezing a few bottles keeps them icy cold and feels really good while providing essential fluid intake.

Also before I leave the house, I apply sunscreen. Doing this in an air-conditioned environment is important to keep it on your skin. Applying as you are on the water will only wash off with sweat!

Also, NO MAYONAISE! I dont care how you handle it; it isnt a good hot weather food. Mustard or just plain old peanut and butter sandwiches. Cover up as much as possible with loose fitting clothing and always wear a hat AND sunglasses! I have many clients show up on a cloudy day without sunglasses. First of all sunglasses will protect your eyes while underway. Or if something like a lure comes flying back at the boat. But above all, there are UV rays even on a cloudy day. Glare is a factor too! I wear Maui Jim sunglasses and go to the Maui Rose or the new HT lenses in low light conditions. They cut the glare so I can see underwater even under cloudy skies. I carry a few extra pairs for my clients to try and to compare with their own or to supply in case they forgot theirs.

The heat also saps your energy and concentration. For this, only time on the water can help. But I will add a few boat rides to take a break and to provide a breeze to help my clients make it through the day.

This month I have seen a lot of parents bringing kids with them. Safety first! Under 13 and they have to wear a PFD. Fewer than 16 and they cannot wear an inflatable.

Parents are eager to comply. I stress safety in a quick safety drillPFD location. How to use the throwable device and fire extinguisher and the location of the First Aid kit. I also give instructions for a man overboard situation. Then I point to the exitsfor a laugh. But this is a very serious exercise. It sets the tone for the trip for the kids and instills confidence in the parents that this will be a safe trip.

I don't like to postpone trips, but I will give my plan to my clients and have them decide. Most of my clients are regulars and will opt for better conditions. Few days offer "perfect" conditions, so I usually try to make the best of any given day, but when very muddy water rolls through, rather than running around the river looking for the clearest water, I would rather relax to fish another day.

I look forward to a great season and fishing with my regular clients along with new ones! Have fun and BE SAFE!

Capt. Steve Chaconas

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