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My Royal Clipper Cruise Experience - Windward Islands - Day 6

By Ed Holownia - Published November 17, 2006 - Viewed 1768 times

11/17/06 Ile des Saintes

At the cocktail party the night before, Captain Sergey had told me that Ile des Saintes was his favorite island.  When we got there, I could tell why.  We anchored off the island Terre de Haut and the tenders took us to the tiny village of Le Bourg.  I took the tender over to Le Bourg to do some souvenir shopping and to see the village. 

After some walking around the village and shopping where I bought a few beautiful hand painted pictures, I headed back to the ship to get ready for the beach.  The beach was a tiny beach with a small dock and house for rent right there. 

As soon as I got onto the beach, I dropped my stuff, grabbed my snorkeling gear and headed off to see what I could find.  After an hour or so of snorkeling, I came back to the beach to try windsurfing again.  This time the “water toys” were tied up to a mooring buoy about 500 yards off the beach.  The Water Sports team took me out there and got the windsurfer all set up.  This time, I was able to stand up and get the sail up without too many problems and finally, I was able to change directions and get a good ride in.  I was windsurfing for about a half hour straight without falling, going back and forth in the protected harbor.  It was a lot of fun.  I finally brought the windsurfer back to the mooring buoy and tied it off and got picked up by the Zodiac. 

Back on the beach, a friend I had met on board, Anthony, who was from the UK, and I decided to go water skiing.  The water was much calmer and we had a great time skiing.  When I got back to the beach, I was going to go snorkeling again, but found out that a handful of people had gotten stung pretty badly by some jellyfish, so I decided to just stay on the beach for another hour, then I headed back to the ship. 

Back on board, the Chief Engineer took anyone who wanted to go on a tour of the engine room.  It was hot and loud down there, but it was amazing the amount of equipment crammed into such a small area.  It was everything that ran the ship, the engines (obviously), the genset, water makers, and a/c units.  Everything like fuel, water, waste, etc was measured in tons per day; it was amazing to find out what it took to actually run the ship on a day to day basis. 

That night at dinner, it was “Captain’s Dinner” and it was also Beth’s birthday (another woman who I had met on board), so she organized a large table and I had dinner with a few members as well as other people she had met during the week. 

Dinner was great, we had lobster. 

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