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My Royal Clipper Cruise Experience - Windward Islands - Day 5

By Ed Holownia - Published November 16, 2006 - Viewed 2109 times

11/16/06 St. Kitts

When I woke up, we were already anchored at Basseterre where the launches brought people to shore for the excursions. 

Around 9:30 or so, we pulled anchored and moved a few miles down the coast to Friar’s Bay, where we anchored off a beautiful beach and the tenders started running people back and forth to the beach. 

The beach at Friar’s Bay had a huge reef running parallel to the shoreline, so I went snorkeling for about 2 hours.  The reef was very active, I saw tons of fish, eels, sand dollars, sea urchins and squid.  When I finally came up to see where I was, I noticed I could barely make out the mountains in the distance or the ship.  A squall was coming.  I hurried out of the water because my camera was on the beach and I didn’t want it to get wet.  I covered up my bag with my fins and crouched down under some shrubs.  I figured it would be a quick shower.  After about 20 minutes, one of our members, Krissy, who was crouched down under the shrubs trying to keep her stuff dry said she was going to head over to the hut down the beach.  I had no idea there was a hut there and was wondering why I was crouched under the shrubs getting soaked.  As I made it down to the beach hut, I saw a lot of other people from the ship standing around waiting out the rain as well.

After the rain cleared up, it was beautiful out. 

John and I decided to go water skiing, so one of the guys from the Water Sports team took us out in one of the RIB Zodiacs and we went waterskiing.  It was a bit choppy because the water wasn’t very well protected, but we were able to ski with no problems. 

After we got back, I decided to try to learn how to windsurf.  I had never tried it before and at first it was pretty difficult.  I found the hardest part to be trying to balance while pulling the sail up.  After about 45 minutes of trial and error I was able to pull the sail up and get moving, unfortunately the wind kept pushing me towards the rock jetty.  From where we were, I was able to make short rides, but I couldn’t turn the board around and I couldn’t steer. 

When we were setting sail at 5:00, the ship launched its tenders and took everyone around for a photo opportunity with the ship under full sail.  I decided not to go because the BoatUS cocktail party was at 6:30 that evening. 

I went up to the Pool Bar to hang the BoatUS flag and make sure everything was all set up.  Klaus, the Hotel Manager and Manolito, the Head Bartender had everything taken care of.  All I needed to do was pick out a spot to hang our flag. 

Captain Sergey stopped by the party for a while and I think everyone enjoyed the fact that he took the time to come meet everyone and share some of his knowledge.  As it turned out, today was John’s birthday, so I had spoken with the Restaurant Manager and gotten a birthday cake to be delivered to the party.

Everyone started arriving at the cocktail party and once we had everyone there, I thanked everyone for their membership in BoatUS, thanked them for booking through our travel agency and reminded everyone (and myself) that I was infact there for work and if they had any questions about BoatUS, their membership, or their insurance policies, to please come ask me whenever they saw me. 

About halfway through the cocktail party, Klaus brought out the birthday cake and we all sang Happy Birthday to John.  The party couldn’t have gone better, our members enjoyed themselves, enjoyed the fact that the party was up on deck instead of indoors and got to meet one another, if they hadn’t already. 

After the cocktail party was over, we headed off to dinner.  Tonight was “Pirate Night” so the crew was all dressed up as Pirates and the guests were encouraged to dress up as well. 

After dinner there were some games up at the Tropical Bar for the participants.


It was all very funny.  At the end of the games, there was something called a “Crab Race” where the guests were able to bet a dollar or two on a numbered crab. 


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