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By SChaconas - Published May 10, 2012 - Viewed 2019 times

March and April were booked-up months, some days very tough fishing. Windy conditions made it difficult to find areas out of the wind and small craft warnings made traveling unsafe. Wind also prevented tides from totally rising and when they fell they went way out and positioned fish on scattered deeper cover. But the biggest issue was the changing weather. After seeing March water temperatures in the 70s, April temps were in the upper 50s, slowing the bite. It was a matter of waiting for the right time.

That time came last week. The winds subsided, the sun came out and tides returned to normal, even a bit higher, but water temperature rose to 70+! Big bass moved up to spawn. One lucky regular client of mine took advantage of a cancellation and enjoyed a spectacular day of bass fishing! It was so good, we took a break to eat lunch with the Power Poles down and watched a female lunker chase bluegill away from her nest for about 15 minutes, before resuming our outing.

Fishing is just that, fishing! It’s not always catching. However, every trip on the water should be a learning experience. Casting is the most important element of the sport. Every minute on the water and every cast is an opportunity to improve casting skills. Solving the days fishing puzzle is the next step to improving time on the water. Often catching just a handful of fish, while not as much fun, can lead to a better understanding on how to fish when times are tough. Casting and yanking them in is a blast, but not much is learned. By tackling tough times, fishermen improve knowledge and problem solving skills to maximize every situation.

I had a great time when two guys, who had known each other since high school, who came during a tough time. They saw a lot of wildlife and caught a few fish. It was a memorable fishing trip. It was also fun to fish with a couple in their 70s. They really got into it, especially when the husband reeled in a 7 pounder!

But, one of the most interesting trips was with a guy from Florida. He’s an international snakehead hunter. While I told him we are not catching a lot of them now and he should wait until the end of May or into June, this time frame fit his busy schedule. We pounded the likely locations and picked up one snakehead, but on the third day we saw a mating pair. Down went the Power Poles, electronics off. We threw the kitchen sink at the pair. They wanted nothing to do with our baits. But, the most interesting occurrence was when we took a brief break and the snakeheads came up to the surface and stared at us as if to say, "Do Not Disturb!"

I look forward to a great season and fishing with my regular clients along with new ones! Have fun and BE SAFE!

Capt. Steve Chaconas,
National Bass Fishing Guide

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