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No Pressure!

By KStricker - Published April 17, 2012 - Viewed 1938 times

No question, as a veteran of 27 years of competitive fishing on the Bassmaster and FLW Tours, you come to realize there's a good bit of physical and mental demand when fishing at a national level. Don't get me wrong, I'm a competitor and thoroughly enjoyed the adrenalin rush of the tournament scene, which had long been an important part of my life and valuable step in my career. However, when your primary focus is on angling for dollars, you tend to forget what it's like to simply... go fishing with a friend... at a relaxed pace (the way fishing was meant to be). And not just for bass, but for all species of fish.

This past month, once the productions of our 2012 episodes were complete, I departed on a much-needed break and spent some vacation time with my wife Sara in the Florida Keys. To say the least, the retreat was nothing less than wonderful. But to top it off, while in southern Florida, I took the opportunity to spend a day on the water with legendary fishing industry innovator, Ron Lindner along with one of the country's top fishing authors and educators, Dick Sternberg.

The two amiably shared their in-shore saltwater wisdom and quickly put me on some quality snook positioned around boat docks. On my third cast, a slot sized common snook inhaled my jerkbait. After some impressive runs and magnificent jumps the fish finally made it to the net. It was then that Dick asserted, "Kim, it typically isn't that easy!"

What a great day! I've been a long time fan of Lindner Media as well as of Dick Sternberg's works and it's with great respect that I wish to thank both Ron and Dick for the experience and the opportunity to better acquaint myself.

Next on the agenda, while Sara lounged by Roland and Marianne Martin's Marina condo pool, I hooked up with my good buddy Greg Swinea. No tournament pressure, no filming stress, just two bubba's in a bass boat sticking some giants on Lake Okeechobee. The jig bite was on! This 8lb. plus slob fell prey to a 3/4 oz. Strike King Hack Attack jig pitched in the buggy whips. The action of the claws of my Rage Lobster trailer as the jig fell was all that pig could stand - the jig never hit the bottom.

Good stuff! Yes, I recognize that my contentment is purely a sign of maturity, but nevertheless, what a joy it's been. And I assure you, I'm going to continue my pursuit of finny foe with friends and family and giggle like a five-year-old whenever something pulls on my string.


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