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Full Swing!

By SChaconas - Published March 26, 2012 - Viewed 2093 times

I wrapped up my busy February with a few seminars at Bass Pro Shops and a Bass Roundtable meeting with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, picked up my boat and now March has come in like a lion and is going out like a largemouth bass! LOTS of them! This is the best spring ever on the Potomac! I have been busier than ever. The best thing about my trips is everyone thus far has been a regular client. Great to catch up and to move forward to challenge their fishing skills!


Typically I pick up my new Skeeter the first of March, and take my time getting it loaded and rigged for the season. With air temperatures into the 70’s and water temperatures not far behind, I’ve done as many trips as I usually do in March and April combined! The challenge for me is fishing differently. Instead of fishing deep drops, I’m pounding shore cover for fish that have moved up early! This involves crankbaits and even spinnerbaits on days with cloud cover or chop on the water. Shallow wood is now a primary target for soft plastics like Texas rigged Mizmo tubes. I almost pulled out a popper the other day as the water hit 70!
It’s great to be busy again but my body wasn’t ready for it! Fishing once a week is fine, but standing on a trolling motor casting thousands of times a day for five days a week can be tough on backs, knees and feet. But, I have a secret…my 2012 Skeeter features an optional padded front deck carpet. If you’re buying a boat, I strongly suggest it!
The new Humminbird 898 in-dash side-imaging unit is really cool! I’ve already found some stuff to fish this year! I like to look around with it before the grass covers everything up.
Speaking of grass. I hope it comes back this year. It’s sure easier to find large groups of fish. This is the time it should start to emerge. In fact, last years grass on the southern part of the river is up and nearly to the surface! But from DC to Mount Vernon, it’s next to nothing. Fish are on flats, but so scattered they’re hard to find. High tide fishing has been the best as fish push bait up to sea walls and rip rap.
I added a new option to my Skeeter. Power Pole anchors. I thought about one, but went with two. They really hold your boat in place. It’s been awesome to stop the boat when it’s windy or to stay off the trolling motor to keep from spooking shallow fish. But it’s also great to teach clients how to really cast to docks and other cover. With the boat stationary, they can really get a great cast or take a few tries. This was a do it yourself project I’ll detail in the next BoatUS Angler Tacklebox eNewsletter…look for it!
I took a lot of photos and my step-by-step story along with Power Pole instructions will make installing yours a breeze! Thanks to Art and David Edsall for helping and to Jack Eyler for taking photos! I look forward to a great season and fishing with my regular clients along with new ones!
Have fun and BE SAFE!

Capt. Steve Chaconas
National Bass Guide Service

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