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By SChaconas - Published January 11, 2012 - Viewed 2091 times

Every new year begins the same way. First I verify that my boat construction date is set. I also need to insure all of the options are ordered. A quick chat with JoAnne at Skeeter and everything is on track. She’ll keep me posted, but usually they are on a tight schedule. Mine will start on Feb 9 and take about 10 working days to complete. Another week or so and it will be shipped to a dealer to check out my Yamaha SHO outboard and I’ll be ready to pick it up and break it in the first week of March.  

I’m very excited that my 2012 Skeeter will be sporting twin Power Poles...the new Signature Series Blades...totally wireless! This will be a huge advantage for my clients. These silent anchors will hold my Skeeter in place in the wind, but even better, when targeting specific spots like grass edges, tree lay downs and docks, my clients will always get a second chance to make the best presentation. It will also allow me to give my clients hands-on instruction without having to worry about the boat moving. Can't wait!
But more immediate is my preparation for upcoming fishing shows and seminars. The first big one is the Richmond Fishing Expo. I'll be there for three days sharing my experience with anglers and helping them choose equipment. Right now I am outlining my seminars to make sure they are rich with content and organized. This goes back to my days as an Algebra teacher and making lesson plans. I also have to prepare my tackle for demonstrations. I'll also be at two Bass Pro Shops and a few bass clubs this winter.
I also have gone through all of my lures. Checking, sharpening and replacing treble hooks with new Mustad short shank KVD trebles and for my poppers, new Mustad feathered trebles. I'll also check out my spinnerbaits: sharpen hooks, replace skirts and blades and check my inventory. By this stage of my guiding career, I know what I need to have and keep my boxes up-to-date throughout the year. If it didn't get used it gets put away in the house. I also repair lures, painting and replacing split rings.
It's also time to renew my licenses. I had to take my Red Cross CPR in November and then send paperwork to Maryland and DC for their licenses. Once I get my boat serial numbers, I'll apply for Virginia and Potomac River Fisheries Commission licenses and get my vinyl boat numbers cut by BoatUS. They can custom cut boat numbers and names.
I still have to wrap up a few deals with my sponsors and I'm expecting new tackle to arrive periodically to replace lost or broken stuff. But I’m excited to see and try out some of the new lures I have been received this winter. Especially the new EXO reels from Quantum…light as a feather. My clients get to try the new stuff too before they spend their money.
I'll have to add that the rod sleeves I made in my recent BoatUS ANGLER Tacklebox DIY column have made it easier to keep the 30 plus rods I use from being tangled while I strip line, clean rods and maintain my reels. I’ll be doing this for the next few months until my new Skeeter arrives. Until then, IT’S SHOW TIME!

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