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End of the Season

By KDove - Published December 27, 2011 - Viewed 2344 times

Winding down on an awesome year.  Reflecting on the good and contemplating how I can stay away from the bad.  I have just finished my 'fishing calendar' for 2012 (check out my Jan. tip in the BoatUS Tacklebox Newletter) and I'm looking forward to starting off a new year.  Over the next week I will be completing yearly reports for my sponsors and renewing relationships for 2012.  If BoatUS ANGLER, Skeeter Boats, Optimum Baits, Ima Lures, and El Grande Lures weren't on my team then I would not be where I am today out on the fishing circuits. 

Over the holidays I am also looking forward to hanging out with some old friends here in SW Texas as they visit for some rest and relaxation.  I will be having a little fruit jar derby with them and a few other local pro's just before the New Year kicks in.  Looking to be a fun time here on Lake Amistad that week!
As far as the fishing over the last few weeks, it has been pretty dang good.  Winter fishing has been outstanding here at Lake Amistad.  We continue to catch 20+ fish on nearly every outing and our best 5 bags typically have been 18-22lbs.  I am always ready to go fishing on this lake.... winter, spring, summer, fall.  You will always catch'em!  Crankbaits and jerkbaits have been our key producers.  The fall and winter are such a shad oriented bite it's hard to get away from those types of lures as I am covering water for reaction strikes.  If I start looking a little deeper, around that 20-40 foot zone, I will break out the football jigs and drop-shots, but the reaction bite has been hot this winter.
I have been using twitter (@kurtdove) and facebook (Kurt Dove Pro-Angler & Amistad Bass Guide) to update my fishing journeys.  I typically post updates from happenings here on Lake Amistad and reports of my tourneys as they are happening.  If you get the chance check out those media outlets and be sure to let me know how your adventures are going too!

Thanks for reading my blog this year and I hope you will enjoy my 2012 blogging with BoatUS ANGLER again.
Tight Lines,
Kurt Dove

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