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Time Flies

By KDove - Published November 29, 2011 - Viewed 2234 times

Holy cow... where has the time gone.  So much has happened in the last 3 months and it seems like yesterday when I was off to fish Lake Erie in the middle of Aug.

Armed with some more confidence after getting over my beat down on the James River, I took my less practice approach and smoked'em at the next 3 events.  I finished 5th at the BASS Northern Open on Lake Erie, 5th at the FLW/BFL Super Tournament on 1000 Islands in the beginning of Sept. and then finished 12th at the final BASS Northern Open on Lake Oneida. 

The common factor in all those events was practice hard but not to many days before the derby.  I really digg fishing for them smalljaws up north.  It's hard to have more fun than fighting 4lb smallies on 8lb test in 4 foot waves.... that is a total rush!    It felt great to end the season strong and I will look forward to carrying that momentum into 2012 season as I compete in the Southern and Northern BASS Opens again.  It's hard to believe that in just 8 weeks I will be on the Harris Chain in the first tournament of the new year.  

Fall  - the bite here at Lake Amistad is in full swing and I am keeping on the water while guiding and staying sharp for the 2012 season.  Recently the new Major League Fishing tourney took place here at Lake Amistad.  Should be interesting how that League plays out.  Right now there is a lot of uncertainty as with any new development of TV programming.  I believe it will spark some new interest in the sport and I hope it's momentum can be captured and that bass fishing organizations can capitalize on it. 
I recently picked up my new 2012 Skeeter.  I gotta say that the FX is one very impressive machine.  The 2011 I rode around in during the 2011 Open's surpassed all my expectations and my guide clients really dig the huge fishing platform.  The ride and hole shot of the FX series of Skeeter boats and Yamaha SHO is everything that is advertised and more.  
Happy Turkey Day to everyone and enjoy a day on the lake while everyone else is hunting next week!
Tight Lines,
Kurt Dove

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