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Smallmouth on my Mind

By MZona - Published November 10, 2011 - Viewed 3037 times

Smallmouth on my Mind, and Firecrackers in my Toolbox

The Z Train is headed south to Alabama to shoot a commercial with my buddy, and B.A.S.S. emcee, Dave Mercer. I’m driving all 12 hours alone. It’s actually a good time to get caught up on phone calls, and it gives me plenty of time to just think. I know … that’s scary … me, ‘thinking’ for 12 hours.

I’m still thinking of the smallmouth trip we just did in Traverse City, Michigan with BoatUS ANGLER sweepstakes winners Layne Lowrey and her boyfriend Rick Clark. Layne has been a BoatUS ANGLER member since 2009. They live and boat around King’s Bay in Florida, and to think that people as cool as them actually sign up for contest to fly up here and go fishing with me is just mind-boggling. It’s humbling.
The fishing conditions in Traverse City were not ideal for Smallmouth, but Layne, Rick and Steve Levi from BoatUS ANGLER, who was there to make sure I didn’t do anything strangely weird to freak-out Layne and Rick, still managed to catch 10 smallmouth over 4-pounds. Here’s the craziest part … we saw 100 smallmouth over 5-pounds.  
That’s right, with no wind, and those fish having moved out of the deep warm weather haunts where they chase baitfish, back into the shallows to look for crawfish, it was unbelievable how many ‘tanks’ we saw swimming. Problem is, they were way too aware of us to even think about biting. We’d cast a tube at them, and they’d torpedo in the opposite direction. We had to cast weightless wacky worms to catch them.
Giant smallmouth aside, seeing those clear waters around Traverse City surrounded by autumn colors, and spending time with people like Layne and Rick that have such a passion for life is just good for the soul. It brings you back down to earth; plugs in your ground wire, and set me on the right path for this trip to Alabama.
Speaking of this trip to ‘Bama and BoatUS, I feel so much more at ease now when I tow my boat since becoming a member of BoatUS ANGLER. Let’s be honest, given the fact that I have no mechanical ability, and that my only toolbox contains a roll of duct tape, a hammer and an old pack of Black Cat firecrackers, at least I know if I have mechanical issues on the highway, I can call the toll free number on the BoatUS ANGLER membership card in my billfold, and somebody with way more mechanical skill than me, will be there to help me out.
Until next time, you guys be safe on the road, on the water, in the deer woods, or wherever life takes you.

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