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My Star Clipper Blog - Day Seven

By Todd Botsford - Published March 03, 2006 - Viewed 3681 times

Our last island is St. Martin, right where we started. Today we have to leave the Star Clipper and of course we don't want to. We are driven downtown to a hotel where our bags are secured and we have the afternoon to explore and shop before going to the airport. The shopping on St Martins is very good and we take advantage of the open air markets nearby to buy gaudy shirts for me and jewelry for Terri. After a quick lunch we head back to claim our luggage and soon we are off to the airport and home.

The Star Clipper is a working ship. Passengers will see the crew sanding, painting, scraping, and generally doing whatever needs to be done for the upkeep of the ship. The crew and passengers get to know each other a bit better on this small ship than I expect they would on the big liners. You have a variety of things to occupy you aboard ship. There are morning exercise classes for the early riser, passenger talent contests, and dancing on the deck under the stars. What makes the voyage fun is the interaction between passengers and crew. They provide you with the opportunity for fun; all you have to do is join in. We did and I am sure we will again, laptop, GPS, and all.

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