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My Star Clipper Blog - Day Six

By Todd Botsford - Published March 02, 2006 - Viewed 1615 times

On St. Kits the next day Terri and I are signed up for the ATV Excursion. Of course we both want to drive, but a compromise is reached and I get to drive out and she will drive back while I ride behind her. Terri has brought her GPS and is excited as she realizes that we are driving within feet of a geocache. She tells the group about it and we look quickly for it, but we can't hold everyone up while we find it. After the excursion we hire a cab to bring us back to the geocache location and the amused driver waits while Terri finds it. We leave a travel bug we have created, a pirate and his last doubloon attached to a BoatUS lanyard. We end up finding another cache on the island later on.

I guess a word on geocaching is needed here. I think of it as a treasure hunt. Someone hides trinkets in a container, usually a Tupperware type to keep the elements out, and hides it for others to find. The latitude and longitude are given and the treasure hunter loads the information into their GPS. Terri has done this for each of the islands we are visiting and we end up finding several of them. To me the nice thing about geocaching is that it will take you off of the beaten path to places you normally wouldn't go and you end up seeing things others miss. The website geocaching.com can explain it better than I...

St. Kitts is the next stop for the Star Clipper. The excursion Terri and I have chosen is a tour of the rain forest. I must admit that at first I am at first disappointed. I have imagined the rainforest to be something like my sister Tammy described to me when she and my daughter Diane visited . This is not the case, but I soon get over it and learn a lot form our guide as we hike along the paths. Afterwards they give us slices of fruit before heading back across the island to our ship.

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