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My Star Clipper Blog - Day Five

By Todd Botsford - Published March 01, 2006 - Viewed 1548 times

Our cruise director Bea is very animated and each day tells us all about the excursions we have signed up for. This morning Terri and I are going snorkeling. The tender anchors just off shore from several caves and we ease into the warm water. It is an easy swim to the caves and we are soon surrounded by schools of beautiful fish. Someone has brought along food for them and the fish swarm to get their share. After an hour we are headed back to the ship to get ready for out next adventure. On Tortolla we are going to go swimming with dolphins.

A launch from the island picks up the group that is going for a Royal Dolphin Swim. The Star Clipper will be sailing for Sopers Hole, Tortolla while we are ashore. We board an open air bus and head out for a short tour of the island. At the dolphin swim we are divided into groups of six and fitted with life vests. We follow our guide down and stand waist deep in the water next to a boardwalk to meet our dolphins. There are two, Maggie and Venus. The trainer introduces us to the dolphins and they swim close so we can brush our hand over them. I am amazed at how smooth they are. Dolphins and humans are comfortable with each other and now it is time for some real fun. One at a time we swim out and are lifted into the air by the pair of dolphins as they bring us back to the boardwalk. Each person gets to do this a couple of times. On the boardwalk someone is filming the whole episode and later we sit and watch ourselves in the movie. Of course no one can resist buying the $50 DVD of this lifetime event.

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