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Short Trips, Tough Trips!

By SChaconas - Published December 21, 2011 - Viewed 1943 times

My ongoing trouble with the depth finders has been resolved! Got the new transducer for my Humminbird unit. Follow the instructions. Prepare the surface. It’s not difficult to glue a new shoot thru transducer into your boat.
Shorter 4 hours trips are difficult! Generally it takes about an hour to get clients up to speed on casting and how to work lures in a specific location. If we have to leave, it might involve another fishing technique, including casting. Another variable this summer has been the early demise of underwater grasses. Looking for low tide fish to position on outside edges or in matted grass, just wasn’t panning out. Fish move from banks as tides fall, but go to scattered, difficult to locate, areas. Without seeing grass, relying on feel with lures, it’s tougher for lesser-experienced clients. At higher tides, fish generally move into docks with sunshine, positioning there. Casting under docks, being able to react to a slight “tick” and setting the hook, when the fish is only about 8 feet away, is tough for anglers fishing only a few times a year.
When things click, it’s a lot of fun. I took an impressive 12-year-old fishing for 6 hours. Not a single backlash! He was very accurate and a cool kid to fish with. His shortfall, lacking experience and instruction on rods and hooksets. For example, he was really setting the hook and setting several times on a crankbait…unable to get hooks into fish, leaving fish the opportunity to throw baits. By days end, he obtained a better understanding on rods, hooksets and fishing crankbaits!
One client owned a boat and believed I wasn’t going to teach him anything, skill wise. The only thing keeping him from catching fish was not being in the right spot. Teaching HOW to fish rather than WHERE to fish is my philosophy. I was able to catch a lot of fish and the client’s buddy did well too. But the client was focused on learning where to fish, so I pointed out spots on a map. The next day I found him already in my spot. Not cool! Guides, explain to clients you fish for a living and there are other places to visit rather than showing up in your spot, the very next day.
One of my favorite trips was with a friend who wanted me to teach his wife how to fish. She’d never been fishing, was scared to death of boats, and wasn't interested in staying out long. I assured her of my shared safety concerns, showed her my safety equipment, and offered an auto inflatable PFD. I also assured her I would rescue her if need be. Patience, something her husband didn’t have, proved to be effective in teaching her how to cast. An hour later she was reeling in her own fish, excited to say the least! Fun for her, satisfying for her husband, and rewarding for me!
I’ve written a DIY piece on making soft plastics. LureCraft.com has all the stuff. In the old days hand pours were flat sided. Now Lure Craft has developed an injection process making baits that LOOK, FEEL and CATCH fish like the real thing. I’m making Senkos and Baby Brush hogs…no one can tell I make them. check out the article on BoatUS Tacklebox
Coming up in my BoatUS DIY column…changing rod tips!
Until next time, see you on the water. WEAR A PFD! I’m gone fishing.

Capt. Steve Chaconas
National Bass Guide Service

Aug 21, 2011


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