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Enjoy the Summer!

By MZona - Published August 09, 2011 - Viewed 2247 times

Wasn’t it like two hours ago that Kevin VanDam was in New Orleans hoisting another Bassmaster Classic trophy over his head? Of course it wasn’t. That was nearly six months ago, but it sure seems like it was just hours ago. The 2011 Elite Series Season evaporated like dreams of my Bears playing in the Super Bowl last year.

Look man, the Elite Series season officially closes when Toyota All-Star Week ends in Montgomery this week, but the summer season is wide open, and I’m not about to miss a single minute of sharing it with my family and friends.

First off, you need to realize that just because I live in Michigan doesn’t mean I like cold weather.  In fact, I pretty much hate snow. On the flip side, I love summer.

I love the fact that every day of summer brings the excitement of so many cool opportunities. It could be bluegill fishing with my twin boys, it could be swimming, or it could be escaping to a cabin in northern Michigan with friends. Summer might even mean taking out the frustrations of lost time in airports this spring, by smashing a bunch of summer smallmouth in their upper lip.

Bottom line is, everyday of summer is filled with life – and I’m not letting that slip away. Especially, when I stop to realize that in about six weeks we’ll say hello to fantasy football leagues and good-bye to family get-aways.

In fact, as soon as Labor Day weekend is over in early September I need to hit the road for about 5,000 miles of filming Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show. We’re shooting shows this fall from New Orleans to Green Bay, and we don’t get there by flying.

Look man, I love what I do, my joy in life is my family and my job, but 5,000 miles to film shows is a grinding schedule no matter how you look at it. It will test your sanity at times.

And let me tell ya bud, that’s one of the big reasons I brag a lot about being a member of BoatUS ANGLER. It’s peace of mind on the highway and on the water for a mechanically challenged knucklehead like me.

BoatUS ANGLER provides reassurance that if I have any issues, somebody will be there to help me out.  You might not be planning to tow your boat 5,000 miles, but you do owe it to yourself to buy one of their affordable memberships. Not to mention, if you like to fish derbies, for heaven’s sake, sign up for their Weigh-to-Win program to score some bonus cash.

Check them out at www.BoatUSFishing.com, or call Kendell at (918) 742-6424; she can help you sign up.

Until next time, please make sure you take full advantage of life’s greatest season … summer

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