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Guiding in summer weather

By SChaconas - Published December 21, 2011 - Viewed 2139 times

Guiding in hot-humid DC summer’s heat isn’t easy! I’m conditioned for it. But most clients are not! I tell them to bring at least 10 bottles of frozen water! Frozen water will be their ice and will be very refreshing. Also sunscreen! I put mine on every morning in the AC! It’s only applied once. I cover all exposed skin, paying attention to my nose, cheekbones, and ears! I suggest the same to my clients when I call them the night before. I also insist NO ALCOHOL! If this is a deal breaker, so be it. None of the BoatUS insured guides I work with allow alcohol on the boat either.

In heat, I pay close attention to my clients. Sometimes going for a boat ride to cool down. I might even fish under a bridge for a while. I constantly encourage drinking water at various times. Also, I try to find out if there are any health issues. If so, then I really pay attention. I do this whenever I take out any of my older clients as well…better safe than sorry!
I had a favorite couple of mine, Bob and Gwen, out last week. She bought Bob a gift certificate to fish with me 5 years ago and they come every year, making a “romantic” getaway weekend out of it too! Gwen cracks me up! She is really getting into this sport.
Also took two fishing buddies out. Both had questions. They were confused by tides. Hopefully I’ve helped them with that. I teach that part of the course by staying in one area to see where fish actually go during tides and time of day.
I made an appearance at West Marine’s Grand Opening in Deale, MD. I taught casting all day. Lots of kids, but also parents who want to spend quality time with their kids! Casting is the foundation of fishing. Several future anglers worked their way through the basics!
I also had a new client on board who got his biggest bass ever…and for some, the bass of a lifetime! It was nearly 6 pounds! Not bad for his first “real” bass fishing trip.
This time of the year, I‘m repairing gear, spooling line, and restocking my boat with terminal tackle and other lures. I remove bad lures from the boat, adding replacements. I’ll take one box at a time in with me at night to check hooks and replace banged up gear.
I’ve written a DIY piece on making soft plastics. LureCraft.com has all the stuff. In the old days hand pours were flat sided. But now Lure Craft has developed an injection process that makes baits that LOOK, FEEL and CATCH fish like the real thing. I am making Senkos and Baby Brush hogs…no one can tell I make them…check out the article on BoatUS ANGLER’s DIY Dept.
Still having trouble with my electronics…looks like a bad transducer. I’m getting tips on installation. Get a 2-inch sanding drill attachment to flatten and smooth the surface. Use wax to build a perimeter around the area to fill with epoxy and keep it in one place! Place transducer in, gently rotating to remove bubbles. Place a weight on top and let it sit for the recommended set-up time, and then run wires! Sounds simple…stay tuned!
Until next time, see you on the water. WEAR a PFD! I’m gone fishing.

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