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Too much practice?

By KDove - Published August 02, 2011 - Viewed 1998 times

On my, what a butt whooping I took at the BASS Northern Open on the James River in Virginia.  Not a very pleasant experience, but gosh I really put some important puzzle pieces together in my tournament fishing.  The understanding of some faults in preparation far out weighed the disappointing feeling of a poor event.  The conclusion to my faults this year in not only this recent James River BASS Open event, but also the mistake I made in the other tournament I missed a check in this year, Lake Toho, Florida - TOO MUCH PRACTICE!!!  What, you say?  How can the ability to spend more time on a lake hurt you in fishing a tournament?  The bottom line is I end up relying on what happened in the week or so leading up to the event rather then working out ways to catch the fish during the event.  Sounds kind of complicated but I have seen this happen a few times over my professional career and I have finally come to understand why practicing too much is a really, really bad thing for me.  It won't happen again.  I made sure I will be arriving to the last 2 Northern Opens just a couple days before the official practice begins. 
Once I retuned home to Texas I was very busy guiding on Lake Amistad.  I just can't explain to everyone how awesome this lake is.  Ok, I admit that Falcon is better right now, but when you can launch a boat and catch 20-30 fish 2lbs or better in the middle of July... fishing is pretty darn good!  I'm always learning so much here at Amistad because you get so many bites.  Believe me, it makes perfecting a new technique easy when you can catch fish all the time and in so many ways.

Did everyone get to check out the new stuff from ICAST?  A couple of items you need to be sure and check out are the new "Top of the Line" swimbaits from Optimum, and the new Boom-R-Ang from El Grande Lures.

Tight Lines!
Kurt Dove

Professional Angler
Phone: 830-719-3648
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