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My Star Clipper Blog - Day Two

By Todd Botsford - Published February 26, 2006 - Viewed 1698 times

I slept later than Terri and awoke to the soft clicking of her typing on the laptop. This is essential traveling gear and has accompanied us on all our vacations. It has come in handy for downloading the day’s pictures in Yellowstone or even retrieving notes for an impromptu speech I had give in Japan. Now she is saving notes she will turn into a blog.  

 By the time we leave our cabin we are too late for breakfast. I go off to find us snorkeling gear while Terri finds the Hotel Manager to book the library for a BoatUS members get together she has planned. There are several members aboard and we will enjoy talking with most of them before the week is out.

Next it is time for our fire drill. We find our lifeboat and everyone tries on the lifejackets.

.After a buffet lunch we changed into our swimming suits and boarded a tender that took us to the island.  The beach has very fine white sand. Terri and I swam and talked with another couple in the water for a little while and then walked up the beach taking pictures. I walked to the end of the dock and saw schools of small fish.

Once we are back aboard ship and get all of the beach sand has been rinsed off of us Terri and I head for the Tropical bar lounge for an afternoon snack of waffles and fruit. The bartenders put on an exhibition for the crowd and Terri got to try a sample of the day’s special. Not too bad.

The ship gets underway now heading for Virgin Gorda. The ship is beginning to sway a little more and by the time we sit down to dinner it feels like we are swinging back and forth. Both crew and guests are having a little trouble keeping their balance.

Dinner was wonderful. Portions were not huge as I have heard about some cruise ships serving. The servings were really what we should probably be eating to keep our health. Seating, we discover, is not assigned and at each meal we find new people to sit and talk with. After desert we stopped by the library to sign up for tomorrow’s tour of the Baths.

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