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Fishing for Snakeheads and other trips

By SChaconas - Published December 21, 2011 - Viewed 4457 times

Guiding is in full swing…I am fishing 5 days a week…taking weekends to catch up, fix stuff and work on my boat. I had electronics trouble. Had to remove software and data from my units and download software. Then reboot and load another software package. Then reload all of my waypoints…we’ll see if that works! 

I had an interesting fishing trip with John Odenkirk, biologist with Virginia’s Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Very cool! Went snakehead fishing and took along friend and outdoors writer King Montgomery. We had a blast. King is a great Potomac River bass fishing historian and has great stories. John knows snakeheads! We landed two of them and one was a tagged fish released in March of this year. It had grown 35mm!!! (1.4 inches!) They eat everything, but I use hollow frogs! I take Mann’s Super frog in black and replace the skirt with a black/blue lumaflex skirt. More lively! A stout Quantum flipping stick and 65 pound braid and I launch this frog along pads as the tide falls. Snakeheads are vicious! They smash and thrash! Water goes everywhere! We netted them, measured, tagged and released for John’s studies. This creek is Little Hunting. I have fished this creek since 1967. I know it like the back of my hand and with John’s help, we picked spots where my knowledge of the creek and his of the snakehead’s preferred locations put us on them! We saw a bunch! We chose low tide to force fish into areas in front of pad edges where we could have more contact with them. We are going to do this again soon…stay tuned!
I’ve been picking up old Lew's casting reels. I love them for cranking in cold weather as they are slow, but without infinite anti-reverse, allow me to feel everything, cover and fish! They are awesome but have been out of production for 20 years. I picked up 4 good ones and a parts reel from one guy. Another gave me two and some spare parts. This should last me a long while since I only use them November-April. I’ll have time this winter to tear them down, replace bushings with bearings and a general clean up!
I’ve been working on articles for the BoatUS ANGLER Tacklebox eNewsletter. I’ll have a piece on pouring your own soft plastic baits. I tried this and it works! My baits look just like originals! My colors! I even make Senkos! They’re awesome! I’ll also be coming out with a DIY piece on making rod sleeves, very popular now as they provide some rod protection, but mainly keep rods from getting tangled in rod boxes, trucks and for back boat anglers.
I had nice trips with parents and children. Father and 19-year-old daughter. Mother and 10-year-old son, father and 25-year-old son. It’s really cool to be a part of their memories. My new iPhone allows me to shoot pics; send them out, post on FB and use in my weekly fishing reports for ComcastSports.com
One of my more interesting trips was with a psychiatrist. We were fishing near a dock at the Gaylord hotel and a guy was leaning over watching us for a while when he said that watching us fish reminded him of when he was a kid and fished with his mother. I told him to be careful that there was a psychiatrist on my boat. The “Doc” said it was too late, that he could evaluate the guy just by the way he was standing.
Until next time, see you on the water. WEAR a PFD! I’m gone fishing.

Capt. Steve Chaconas


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