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Tags for Tournaments, Radio Appearances, and National Fishing & Boating Day

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Tournaments, Radio Appearances, and National Fishing & Boating Day

By SChaconas - Published December 21, 2011 - Viewed 2196 times

Two FLW buddies, Bill Chapman and Dave Lefebre stayed at my house for the FLW Potomac River Tournament. It was a blast. We were laughing and eating all the time. I got a chance to try out some of my smoker recipes….beef, ribs, and chicken. Man, can these guys eat! But they also are dead serious about fishing. Changing line daily, organizing tackle daily, checking out their boats, daily! After their practice period, we went to National Harbor for the tournament meeting. There I chatted with a lot of the pros! Jay Yelas, JT Kenney, Anthony Gagliardi, Jonathon Newton, and a lot of other guys! Mostly it was about personal stuff….reminiscing about past Potomac Tournaments. I was covering this event for WFLS radio, Comcast Sports, Woods & Waters Magazine, and the Old Town Crier.

For radio, I used insight from the pros on expected weights, conditions and how they would approach the river. I voiced the stories after writing them and sent MP3 files to WFLS news Director Frank Hammon airing in morning and afternoon drive every tournament day. For Comcast, it was a preview report followed by a wrap-up at the end of the event. Woods & Waters is a commentary on local anglers’ reaction to a tournament on “their” waters…and for the Old Town Crier; I focus more on the winner, Luke Clausen. National Harbor was a great place to have an event! It was also great to see Mike Iaconelli and his fantastic wife and new baby. Mike’s mom and uncle made the trip for the final day. Mike was disappointed with a 2nd place finish. He doesn’t fish for second! 

I was a guest on The Kojo Show on WAMU in DC, chatting about fishing. First question, “Capt. Steve, how do you catch carp?” Lucky I knew how! I cook a special corn meal dough…and it really catches carp! He went on to catfish, and perch…and finally largemouth bass. I had a lot of fun taking audience questions and I have had a lot of emails and calls since the show.

On Monday, I towed my Skeeter ZX225 with the SHO Yamaha into Washington DC for National Fishing and Boating Day! We teach 400 inner city kids how to fish. DC Fisheries stocks Constitution Gardens pond, near the World War II Memorial and in the shadows of the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. There were instructors from the Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management and other Government agencies. A lot of staff came from the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation. The kids loved my Skeeter…as did the adults! It was fun trailering into DC in rush hour!

Then it was back to normal, writing my weekly Comcast Sports fishing report, monthly preview for WFLS.com and putting the finishing touches on my upcoming Woods & Waters column. I also submitted my article for the next BoatUS ANGLER Tacklebox eNewsletter! It's about cranking hooksets with Elite Series pro John Crews. Lots of great tips!

Now, I’m back on the water guiding….trying to catch up by doing 12 hours a day….a full 8-hour trip, followed by a 4-hour afternoon trip. We hit 100+ degrees last week….ouch! Lots of fun, lots of fish and everyone had a great time. I fished with a DC Homicide Detective, a father and son, father and daughter, a writer and a couple of awesome fly fishing ladies! I can’t wait for next week!
Steve Chaconas

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