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Star Clipper - Treasure Islands- Day Two

By Terri Parrow Botsford - Published February 26, 2006 - Viewed 3817 times

Sunday – Anguilla

life jacket drillIt’s our first full day on the ship and they purposely make it an easy one so we can get use to the ship and living on “island time”.  The one thing that was mandatory for everyone was the life jacket drill.  At 10am sharp, everyone had to be on deck with their life jackets from their rooms. Shortly after the life jacket drill, the Captain spoke to us all and introduced the main staff.

There are no planned excursions for our first full day on the Star Clipper. The launch took people to the beach every ½ hour.  Todd and I put on our bathing suits and headed to the beach.

We enjoyed the beach.  The water was the wonderful blue/green color that you see on the posters and post cards.  The water temperature was a little cool when you first get in so of course I have to walk in slowly.  Todd just dives in.  The beach is protected on all sides so there are no waves or undertow so Todd was safe; no drifting out to sea this time.  We then went for a walk on the beach andwater sports on the beach down the road a little bit.  Then we stopped for a drink and to sit out of the sun.  There’s not much on this island and just a few little shacks and small bars around the beach.  We did see a little chi wow wow and what we think was a Nova Scotia Duck Toller playing in the water.

There are two geocaches on Aguillia and one is 2.5 miles from us on the ship and the other one is 4.5 miles.  I was hoping that once we made it to the beach we would be able to figure out how to get to the cache.  We tried to get one of the Sports Guys to give us to a ride with one of their ribs, but they couldn’t, they were booked up with people wanting to water ski and taking out the wind surfers, laser and kayaks.  Evidently we missed the island’s water taxi guys who could have taken us.  We weren’t able to get to the Geocache by walking because there are cliffs at the end of the beach and we weren’t into cliff climbing.  So close but we missed out on our first geocaches.  I’m sure there will be more on the other islands.

We went back to the boat and just relaxed. 

It’s interesting that the ship has two small swimming pools.  Actually, they’re very small and are more like large hot tubs but the water is not hot.  It’s actually salt water that they empty each time we sail and cover it with netting made out of rope, I guess so nothing falls in.  Plus they drain the water somehow.  Also there are underwater windows that you can see into the pools from the bar or hallway in the ship.

table settingDinner was good, though the ship rocked all night long.  At one point during dinner my glass started to slide off the table, but luckily I grabbed it before it reached the end.  They have this shinny type of paper on the middle of the table that you’re suppose to put your glasses on just for this.  We learned something.

The food has been excellent.  It is very much European style, lots of courses and small portions, just the way we should be eating.  And it’s all gourmet!  We had steak and it was very tender and excellent.  I need to learn the proper etiquette for ordering because I ended up getting a couple more courses than Todd did. 

I love the formalness of the dinning room; real plates, good flatware and nice cloth napkins but you don’t to dress up formally.  The table settings are formal as well and you have to think a minute to remember which fork, knife and spoon is for what. Dress is casual, just no blue jeans and I don’t think t-shirts though some people were wearing them.

We enjoyed our dinning companions, two couples from England.  They didn’t tell us the exact numbers, but out of the 133 guests on board, the majority are from the US.  I know at least 21 of them have booked via BoatUS.  The next largest group are the Germans, followed by I think the French.  Our Cruise Director is German and every time she talks, she has to repeat herself in English, French and German.

Todd volunteered to be a model this evening for the Ship’s Fashion show.  The show started at 10pm but he had to meet with them at 9pm.  I don’t know whatTodd and the guys in the fashion show happened to the bashful, modest Todd that I came on the ship with me.  He looked like he enjoyed himself as he modeled 3 Star Clipper outfits with 6 other people.  I enjoyed taking photos of them.  They had quite the challenge walking across the deck modeling while the ship rocked them about.  There were even two little kids modeling who were very cute.

4 crew members doing a native danceFor intermission from the fashion show, four of the crew did a dance from their country. Unfortunatley I didn't get the name of the dance or what country they were from, but we had fun watching them. It's really amazing to me how much the crew did through out the whole trip to entertain us. But I really think they were having just as much fun doing it as we did watching them!

Afterwards, we went out on the top deck to check out the stars.  It was another beautiful night but the ship was underway and the swells really made her move up and down. When we realized that we weren’t seeing airplanes or shooting stars, but rather stars that were standing still and that it was us moving a lot, then we knew it was time to call it a night.  They serve dinners rather late, from 8-10am and it was 11pm anyway.  I think all the sun from the beach and just hanging around on the boat finally caught up with me.  I was very red in all the places I missed with the sun screen.

I enjoyed the rocking of the boat all night, though Todd was queasy, but he never lost it. At one point, in the middle of the night, some things that we had on the counter came crashing down and woke us up, but we didn’t stay awake long. 

Terri Parrow Botsford
Internet Operations

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