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BoatUS ANGLER Insurance; Fishing with Structure Scan

By BCarson - Published May 25, 2011 - Viewed 2544 times

 As the 2011 boating and fishing season gets in full swing and my travels take me all over the country I am reminded of several things....first, just how important it is to have great insurance and on the water/road support.

As I pull my boat 1000's of miles to do on the water demos I constantly pass boats sitting on the side of the road with a bad bearing, flat tire, etc. and no tow vehicle to be seen. If these boaters would only discover BoatUS ANGLER and the incredible services they bring to the boating community, they would see that there is no need to abandon the boat and trailer...ever! BoatUS ANGLER rescues the entire "package" on the water or on the road unlike most others. For more details and a free quote go to http://www.boatus.com/angler/insurance.asp

Now for something I want to share with my fellow BoatUS ANGLER members....Structure Scan and its ability to locate structure....structure that holds fish and not just under the boat like traditional sonar. I continue to be amazed at Structure Scan's ability to see "stuff" in the water that is hundreds of feet from the boat and hundreds of feet "ago". It provides the boater with the ability to find, mark, measure and zoom in for inspection like no other electronics on the market. I take thousands of folks just like us...boaters and fishermen...out every year to demo the latest from Lowrance and Simrad and show them first-hand how valuable these tools are for safety and for finding "things"...things that are missing, things to avoid, things that I want to go to, things that hold fish...you get the picture.

I have included a few screen shots for you to see, but if you would like to see more or something specific please feel free to shoot me an email at bcarson@nothinbutfish.com and I will "hook you up".


Bill Carson

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