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Star Clipper - Treasure Islands - Day Six

By Terri Parrow Botsford - Published March 02, 2006 - Viewed 3741 times

 Thursday – St. Kitts

We sailed all night and most of Thursday morning. I was hoping to get up early enough at least once to make the morning gymnastics on deck at 8am, but we never did; this was a vacation afterall!

But this morning was my turn to climb the mast so we were up early enought for breakfast and for me to climb. I thought it would have been scarier to climb it while were undersail, but the wind was minimum and the seas calm, so it was no problem. The view was fantastic and worth the climb!

Today we opted for the Rain Forest and Garden Safari tours so as soon as the chip anchored off Sasseterre, St. Kitts, and we were cleared with customs (I really like how the Starclipper people took are of this for us every day and we didn't have to do anything) we borded the tender. Shortly after we left, the ship set sail for South Friars Beach where we would meet up with them later.

Once on land, we borded our van for the Gardens. We had our own tour guide through the gardens which ended in a neat little shop where we could buy locally made batik and other items. The gardens were beautiful and the shop fun.

Then we headed for the Rain Forest with our guide. It was a nice walk, though it was alittle warm, it was cooler in the Rain Forest. Of course a couple people had to play Tarzen and swing on the vines, including my own Todd!

This evening we had the long sail back towards St. Marteen again, via St. Barts (aka Barthelemy), so we needed to be back a little earlier than usual, but as we prepared to leave, we had a great opportunity to go out in the Tenders and watch and take pictures of the Star Clipper leaving under full sail. That was such a neat photo opportunity!


It was also the Captain's Dinner complete with a Champagne Toast. Towards the end of dinner, after the Captain made a nice little speach, the crew all marched around the dinning room with their country's flags and they all sang We are the World. You really felt that they were a very close crew and they appreciated the fact that they all came from different countries. It was all very moving.


Then just a couple hours later, the crew performed for us again in the Star Clipper Talent Show, along with some of us guests. Some crew sang or danced to something from their country, one of the guests, a little girl even did a gymnastic dance routines for us. Of course there were the usual singing from both crew and guest with a special guest appreinace from Elvis Presely!

The evening ended with dancing under the stars!

Terri Parrow Botsford
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