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Tennessee Striper Fishery

By BCarson - Published April 26, 2011 - Viewed 2221 times

Those that know me know just how passionate I am about fishing and the conservation of our natural resources. This past week I had the opportunity to experience firsthand the results of a fishing organizations (Tennessee Striped Bass Assoc) efforts to support and conserve their fishery. They had invited me to come speak about electronics and how using electronics effectively could lead to increased catches. That task was easy because it is a lifestyle for me. What became apparent during my "research", (remember my research is fishing), was all the efforts that go on behind the scenes to lobby, protect and increase the overall experience for fellow fishermen.

Having fished all over the country and being a striper officinado, I know a striper fishery when I see one. The folks in Tennessee have a first class striper fishery. It didn't come easy and it is not easy to maintain.

Stripers can reproduce in a very few rivers and streams and are mostly propagated by the fine folks in wildlife management hatcheries. What makes the striper population so good in Tennessee is not just the number of fish they have in the system ,but the average size and the sheer number of colossal fish they have in their system. While the stripers in most of the 42 states are what is termed "put and take", most of the TSBA practices catch and release. Keep it if you'd like, but if your gonna just take it to a taxidermist  instead simply take a length and girth measurement along with a hand full of good photos and supply those to a good reproduction studio where they can make a mount that will last for generations.

This "cow" that I caught, photographed and released along with what was maybe 45 others (a little smaller) is swimming in a Tennessee river growing more so next time I catch a 50 lb-er, and that is how it works. Fishing....the greatest sport on earth....<")))><

Bill Carson

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