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You Might Be Missing the Boat

By MZona - Published April 20, 2011 - Viewed 2348 times

You see this jumbo check I’m holding? I borrowed it from my buddy Davy Hite when I saw him at Toledo Bend. He picked up a $500 cash bonus from the BoatUS ANGLER Weigh-to-Win program because he spent a whopping $38, and took five minutes to sign-up for the program. He won the bonus money because of his Elite Series win at Pickwick three weeks ago. 

Here’s the deal, bud. If you fish tournaments and you haven’t taken time to get yourself eligible for this program … uhm …no pun intended … but you’re probably missing the boat. It’s available not only for pros like Davy, but also for weekend hammers like you that fish in B.A.S.S., FLW, PAA and the BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship. And … and … you don’t have to actually win your tournament to win the Weigh-to-Win money, you simply have to be the highest finishing registered member of the program.
I could spend $38 on Chicago dogs and chili cheese fries at a Bears game, which wouldn’t be a bad thing, but the point is, 38-bucks is a pretty smokin’ good deal, considering that as a member of BoatUS ANGLER you get peace-of-mind that somebody will be dispatched to help you if you have a mechanical issue on the road, plus you get the chance to win extra bonus cash at your derby through the Weigh-to-Win program.
It’s a two-part process. Go to www.BoatUSFishing.com. First purchase your membership to BoatUS ANGLER, that’ll cost you $24. Then tack on the Unlimited On the Road Towing for $14, and you’ll be eligible to register for the Weigh-to-Win program. And if all that’s too much, just dial these digits (918) 742-6424, ask to speak to Kendell, and she’ll do all the legwork for you.
Speaking of legwork, I know it looks like it’s one giant party for me when you see me covering the Bassmaster Elite Series … and in many ways it is … but dude, it’s a pile of insane work too, and the next time we talk I’m gonna give you some behind the scenes scoop that might blow your mind.

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