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Screaming over 3-pounders

By KDove - Published March 30, 2011 - Viewed 2237 times

Have you ever gone 'Ike' over a 3lber?  Well if not then you haven't fished any bass tournaments at Lake Norman.

I just returned back home to Lake Amistad from fishing the 2nd B.A.S.S. Southern Open at Lake Norman near Charlotte, NC.

First let me say what a beautiful lake.  It is much bigger than I expected and at 38,000 acres the lake fishes huge.  I barely saw another boat in practice and never felt crowded in the tournament.  I finished 31st of 179 anglers and felt pretty comfortable the whole week considering I hadn't fished the lake before.  (I typically fish well on new bodies of water, go figure.) 

It was mostly a sight fishing event for many on the top finishers, excluding the winner Fletcher Shryock.  I knew going in to the event a 10-12lb 5 fish limit for both days would score well.  What I didn't expect was to start getting really excited when I caught my 3lb kicker each day.  Fishing is so relative, that is why I love the sport so much.  It's not always about how big the fish are but many times its just conquering the puzzle to figure out how to catch some of the better fish a lake has to offer.  Such was the case at Lake Norman. 

Believe me when I say if I am screaming about catching 3lbers on Lake Amistad I am in terrible trouble.  But catching 3lbers on Norman is just what you need to be thinking about going into the event and that why every time I boated one last week I went ballistic in the boat.  I bet my co-anglers were thinking I was nuts.

Shryock caught a monstrous 7lb 9oz bass the final day at Norman to lock up his win.  Converting Shryocks' catch at Norman to Lake Amistad would be like catching a Toyota ShareLunker (13+lber) to win a tourney here, pretty amazing.  I gotta say that Fletcher, a self described 'unknown', won this tournament with class and humility.  I hope when I win my first B.A.S.S. event I have the same characteristics he has shown this past week. 

Well now that I am back to a full guiding schedule for April at Lake Amistad lets hope we don't do any screaming over 3lbers...   

Kurt Dove
Professional Angler
Phone: 830-719-3648
email: dovekp@hotmail.com 

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